Linked Messenger Gabo Bruno Software For Sending Mass LinkedIn Messages Launched

Linked Messenger, a new LinkedIn communications automation and marketing software developed by Gabo Bruno allowing users to send unlimited, automated and personalized messages to their LinkedIn contacts, has been launched.

A sophisticated LinkedIn automation and mailing software entitled Linked Messenger allowing for simple, fast, unlimited and personalized communication and connections with LinkedIn contacts, has been launched.

More information is available at

Linked Messenger was developed by Gabo Bruno to fill the gap in LinkedIn automation and marketing software by allowing businesses or marketers to effectively leverage the potential of their vast LinkedIn contact list through unlimited and personalized communications with a few simple clicks.

The newly launched software allows users to download their LinkedIn contacts automatically or manually and maintain their photo along with LinkedIn profile information to be able to select, sort, filter and segment contacts according to name, country, position, keyword or any other criteria and send unlimited personalized messages with one click and without any limitations.

The comprehensive Linked Messenger software also provides users multiple valuable mailing features like sending test emails before launching a newsletter, providing unsubscribe options or using their preferred SMTP or IMAP servers to eliminate spam filters, and more.

Additional information on the brand new software and its sophisticated LinkedIn marketing and unlimited communication features along with multiple bonus offers provided along with the software, including 30+ valuable e-books, the Easy Keyword Pro software or premium graphics packages, and more, can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The developers explain that “Linked Messenger is a new product and a new concept providing the answer to a lot of people’s prayers. It’s the only LinkedIn automation tool and it fills the gap in LinkedIn’s marketing software. With over 400 million LinkedIn users, this is a vast potential customer base but sending bulk messages is a waste of time, no one reads them. You need to be able to send personalized messages”.

They add that “what this software offers is a premier and unique email marketing program that makes communication with LinkedIn prospects extremely easy and allows users to market to as many of their LinkedIn connections, as often, as they wish. LinkedIn only allows 50 messages a day and this is killing the main tool a LinkedIn marketer has at its disposal. But don’t give up just yet, with Linked Messenger there is no limit”.

Release ID: 117700