Link Indexr New Review Exposes the Truth

Link Indexr was founded in 2014 and serves the backlink indexing industry. It is known for getting SEO links crawled and indexed.

Link Indexr by Joshua Zamora is one of the newest link indexing services designed to get backlinks crawled and boosted up in the search engines. Understanding how it works is one of the top concerns among SEO and online marketing professionals.

Link Indexr Review

The review also shows if Link Indexr is truly a unique concept in regards to getting blog posts, forum profiles, web2.0s, and other links pinged, crawled and indexed in the Google search engine.

This candid analysis of the link indexing capabilities gives an objective view of how well Link Indexr performs, the affiliates promoting it, and reasons to become a member or use an alternative.

Link Indexr review is available at

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