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KOV AGREEMENT is a distributed encrypted social network based on blockchain smart contracts.

The transformation of energy and matter promotes the continuous evolution of the universe, just as the pursuit of wealth promotes the continuous development of society. From primitive civilization to agricultural civilization, from industrial civilization to electronic information civilization, the development history of human society is a history of blood and tears of constant centralization of wealth. We have to admit that the centralized social mechanism has greatly promoted human civilization for thousands of years, and both science, material and thought have achieved unprecedented development! However, the centralized mechanism will also bring many problems, such as the uneven distribution of wealth, the gap between the rich and the poor leads to intensification of class contradictions, riots and wars, the lack of public privacy and freedom leads to a crisis of trust, and the centralized financial turmoil has made our wealth dissolve time and time again. ! The dispute between centralization and decentralization has never stopped!

In 2009, Bitcoin was born, and blockchain technology was born. Satoshi Nakamoto described a decentralized trust network established through technology that allowed people to see the dawn of a new social ecology. Today, KOV AGREEMENT stands as a giant It will bring a new subversive business and social practice on its shoulders. It will seek a balanced consensus in the ancient and eternal human social problems of trust, freedom, and privacy and play an important role in today's social business ecology.

KOV AGREEMENT is a distributed encrypted social network based on blockchain smart contracts. Through this network, KOV will further build an integrated encrypted social network, blockchain secure payment, chain mall, and decentralized finance (DEFI) , Decentralized exchange, blockchain games, and shared mining farms are all in one decentralized future smart-linked payment ecological network.

The world's first encrypted chat digital wallet

KOV’s secret social network uses end-to-end encryption to distribute and anonymously transmit information through countless node blocks. At the same time, KOV hides user IP addresses through I2P technology to ensure user privacy and absolute information security. In KOV's ecological network, you only need to create a KID to be unimpeded, and each KID will generate a corresponding encrypted digital currency wallet for you to store various encrypted digital assets such as KOV, thereby achieving a safe and anonymous global Payment and apply it to various scenarios in the KOV ecosystem.

Subversive three-body perpetual circulation mining model

The Kovry Agreement created the world’s first three-body perpetual cycle subversion model. The three-body cycle is also known as the ∆-Delta cycle. This model is developed by many of the world’s top cryptographic mathematics experts and blockchain code technology elites, combined with multilateral paradoxes. A series of economic theories and complex mathematical models such as Fu's law have been refined through actuarial calculations. At the same time, using the blockchain smart contract as the carrier, it can be cycled forever and endlessly.

New broadcast social chain business model

How to apply blockchain technology is the core of blockchain development. The new broadcast social chain business in the KOV ecology will be an important exploration and milestone step in the integration of blockchain technology with traditional e-commerce. The broadcast social chain business has the following characteristics:

The broadcasting community is the mall. Every user of the KOV ecosystem can create their own broadcasting community mall with KID

Social connections are customers. Through the encrypted social networks of KID and KOV, all the users you invite to share the KOV ecosystem, as well as the network of contacts with you in the entire ecosystem, will become your potential customer groups

Secure payment knows no borders. Through XMR's secure, privacy and fast payment features, the KOV ecosystem can avoid complicated systems and create a more direct payment process between the payer and the payee, whether it is domestic transfer or cross-border transfer. This method has the characteristics of low price, speed, and no intermediate fees.

Contract guarantees are worry-free, the chain mall in the encrypted social network does not need KYC, and each player only needs to establish a KID to be unimpeded. All transactions are guaranteed by the KOV ecological unique on-chain contract guarantee system to prevent fraud and ensure All transactions are conducted in a secure and orderly manner.

Business layout expansion and KOV application scenarios

KOV in the social chain business will be used to create community malls, secured transactions, mall settlement and payment, credit guarantees, invitation and consumption incentives, coupon deductions and many other appropriate scenarios.

The mining farm is an important infrastructure link in the blockchain field. The KOV ecology will integrate the current high-quality physical mining resources. All KOV players can not only obtain the mining income of KOV, but also can obtain the mining farms of the mainstream currency in the current market by staking KOV Mining bonus.

In the current centralized financial system, financial crises are difficult to avoid. Repeatedly, decentralized financial ecology is a vital link in the KOV ecology. KOV will build a decentralized stable currency, decentralized exchange, and lending. , Payment, tokenization, market forecasting, asset management, inclusive finance and other DEFI basic technology facilities as a financial service ecological platform. Through pledge KOV, stablecoins can be borrowed for other investment arbitrage.

KOV will build a decentralized exchange where users have absolute control over their assets. Smart contracts match transactions to ensure fairness and justice in transactions.

KOV is not just a blockchain project, it brings a completely decentralized financial network, a truly disruptive business practice, and a reshaping of the Internet. It will lead mankind to the door to freedom, relying on unparalleled financial logic, and bring mankind real spiritual freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of wealth!

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