Linda Bridey Montana Mail Order Bride Historical Romance 1-3 Collection Launched

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A new book collection for the Westward Series has been launched on Amazon. Customers can get the first three books in Linda Bridey’s spellbinding series together, making a great gift for friends and family.

A new box set of historical romance books by Linda Bridey has been released on Amazon, allowing readers to get their hands on books 1-3 of the Westward Series all in one. The Montana Mail Order Bride Box Set combines the first three books in the series that critics have called a spellbinding blend of hope, passion, romance and humor.

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Linda has written 37 books, which have gained great popularity, with readers getting drawn into her vivid writing. She lives in Pennsylvania, and is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Her Westward series includes 23 books in total, and is set in Dawson, Montana, and many of them have featured in several top 100 bestselling romance book lists.

The new collection on Amazon features Westward Winds, Westward Dance, and Westward Bound, and is a great way to share the love of reading with friends and family. Similarly, it makes for a good way to get into the series and try out the world Linda Bridey has woven together.

Westward Winds begins with Tessa O’Connor, who lives in a world of privilege and excess. Her parents dote on her, and want to find her a good marriage match – however, when she marries Dean, they struggle to find common ground.

In this first book, the future happiness of the couple hangs in the balance as they face the challenge of this new relationship.

Westward Dance follows Madelyn O’Connor and Seth Samuels, Tessa’s brother in law, who both face conflict and are thrown together after a flurry of letters to begin their relationship.

Westward Bound follows Claire O’Connor, the youngest of the three O’Connor sisters, who falls in love with the younger brother of Marcus, Seth Samuels.

A recent reader said: “The kind of story that pulls at your heart and brings tears of joy and sorrow. So much love-so much sorrow. This shows life is not always smooth and easy. Even the most loving families can have tragedy in their past.”

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