Lightweight Washable Home/Outdoor Lap Throw Blanket With Storage Pouch Launched

LapWrap, LLC announced new updates to its Warmer Upper lap throw, available around the world. The hypoallergenic USA-made blanket is designed to wrap around seated users, providing maximum comfort both indoors and outside.

The Warmer Upper has launched a newly updated version of its USA-made hypoallergenic blanket, available to customers the world over. LapWrap, LLC announced the new washable lap throw blanket with a storage pouch as part of its specialized home comfort solutions.

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With Mother’s Day approaching in the United States and many other parts of the world, The Warmer Upper’s updated lap throw is released as an ideal potential gift. The blanket is made of Polartec Thermal Pro fabric and has a specially designed ergonomic wing to keep the lower body warm.

Company representatives emphasized that the knitted blanket can be used outdoors as well as inside the home. Seniors and older adults will find that the durable lap throw’s soft polyester yarn provides optimal warmth and comfort around the body while seated. It helps users keep the cold at bay as they enjoy seated activities such as reading, browsing, or watching television.

The multifunctional Warmer Upper’s key feature is its removable pouch, which users can utilize to store their devices and other essentials in an easy-access location as they relax on couches, recliners, or garden chairs. In addition, the lap throw can also be ordered together with a long 6-foot USB cable, allowing users to charge their electronics as they remain seated.

Users further benefit from the optional pouch’s touch sensitivity. They can keep their mobile reading devices or tablets in one place while operating them through the pouch’s clear-view screen.

The user-friendly lap throw is primarily aimed at those seeking unobtrusive, easily transportable warming accessories in the home or outside. Due to its lightweight material, it is equally as suitable for camping trips as it is for indoor spaces.

“The Warmer Upper made the best blanket to help keep me warm while recovering from knee replacement surgery,” said a satisfied customer. “It is lightweight on the joints, super soft, and the pouch kept my my phone and remote control right where I needed them.”

As a veteran-owned company, LapWrap donates proceeds from the sale of each Warmer Upper lap throw blanket to Disabled American Veterans. Visit for more information.

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