Lightweight Garden Hose Hits the US Marketplace via Amazon

After a successful product launch in Canada, the Clear Flow Water Hose has arrived in the US marketplace and has promising qualities with perfect timing. Inventor Roger Walsh is going to tell you why this will revolutionize water delivery.

After a successful product launch in Canada, the Clear Flow™ Water Hose has arrived in the USmarketplace and has promising qualities with perfect timing. InventorRoger Walsh outlines why this will revolutionize waterdelivery.

“Water is the topic of the last fewyears. Companies are buying up the fresh water and it has become asought-after commodity. Innovators are finding new ways to treat ourcontaminated and polluted water sources. Everyone has grownincreasingly aware of the importance of water.” says Mr. Walsh. 

Heis an Environmentalist and Plastics Engineer, specializing in theinvention of Eco-products. This polyurethane hose has an excellentmemory and returns to it’s flat shape once the source is turned offand the water is discharged. That’s what keeps it lightweight andmakes it an easily coiled water hose.

“Call them Enviro-friendlyinventions. The Clear Flow™ Garden Hose has been in development forten years. After solid research and testing it initially launched in Canada, sales have been great in every season, and now this residential,light weight garden house is available south of the border.”

Mr. Walsh dubs his product the “first lightweight garden hose” available. Colleagues of his have said it is the best garden hose on the market. Mr. Walsh is modest about the praise:

“It won’t let you down.”

Some hard facts about the proclaimedproduct are:

- is a flat discharge hose, never contains water when source is shut off-shore. Keeps it lightweight.

- it never kinks or freezes (to -14F)

- drinking water safe, NSF approvedwater hose

- completely recyclable (fittings andhose)

- 100ft only weighs 6 lbs

- UV light passes through the clearhose to help eliminate bacteria and algae build up

- made in the US and Canada, nooffshore labor or materials

- comes with a 10-year Warranty

The lightweight Clear Flow™ Garden Hose is available HERE on

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