Lightweight Eco Friendly Yoga Mat: New Product Launched To Improve Technique

AVIVA YOGA has launched a new, specially designed, eco friendly yoga mat that benefits the user with embossed markings for proper body alignment. The Tula Mat is named after the Sanskrit word for balance, and has been designed with full functionality in mind.

AVIVA YOGA, a new yoga brand that creates high-quality yoga products blending functionality with style, has launched a lightweight yoga mat that is environmentally friendly and helps guide people while they use it. The product is called the Tula Mat, which is the Sanskrit word for balance, and has been designed to help everyone who uses it find balance between body, spirit and mind.

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Practicing yoga regularly can help people improve their health in a variety of ways. It builds muscle strength, improves flexibility, and helps people to maintain better posture, which can have a positive impact on all aspects of their life. It can also improve bone health and help to protect the spine.

AVIVA YOGA understands the importance of green living and sustainability in today’s environment, in keeping with the practicalities of living in a contemporary world. Its products are designed to help people enhance their yoga journey across a lifetime, helping them to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

The Tula Mat’s environmentally friendly production ensures it is made from 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) composite material, which is non-toxic, latex-free, PVC-free, Chloride-free and recyclable. With closed-cell construction, the Tula Mat repels moisture, bacterial and fungal growth, so users can wipe their mat clean without having to worry about dirt, sweat or detergent being absorbed into the mat.

The product is five millimeters (5mm, 1/5″) thick to allow for good cushioning while in use, yet it is designed to be lightweight as well so the yogi can easily travel with it. It has a durable, textured non-slip surface, providing optimal grip in wet or dry conditions. Another unique feature with the mat is its embossed markings for proper body alignment while in use. Both sides of the mat have these markings embossed into the material, allowing the yogi to see and feel them while they are practicing yoga.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the product can find a detailed listing on the Amazon page, where they can also find out about AVIVA YOGA’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. If someone buys the product and they are dissatisfied with it in any way, they can contact AVIVA YOGA for a full refund or replacement.

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