Lighting For Zoom Meetings – Virtual Event Communication Tips Resources Launched

A professional development company called ADVO has just released a discussion section on its website, which will feature articles on workplace communication and leadership skills.

ADVO, an online company specializing in executive career coaching, has just announced the launch of a new discussion section on the company’s website.

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This latest announcement will help professionals at any stage in their career access resources for improving their communication and leadership skills.

The workplace has changed significantly over the past year, with traditional offices being moved online because of the pandemic. By the end of 2020, 44% of employees in the United States were working online, compared to only 17% prior to the pandemic.

Several challenges have emerged because of the shift to online working, with 35% of remote employees reporting difficulties in communicating with their colleagues. Another 24% of employees have found it challenging to find networking opportunities online.

ADVO responds to these trends by launching a discussion section on their website, which will feature free articles written by communication specialists on improving leadership skills in the workplace.

One article, How to Look Good on Zoom, provides a step-by-step guide for readers looking to appear more professional on video conferencing applications. The article provides readers with helpful suggestions such as using a virtual background, adjusting the lighting, and connecting with other participants.

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Another article called Connection During Covid outlines how professionals can communicate effectively while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing protocols. The article suggests readers be mindful of their body language while speaking to colleagues.

In addition to providing useful resources on professional development, ADVO also offers a series of workshops for individual professionals and office teams aimed at developing communication and leadership skills.

This latest announcement is in line with ADVO’s commitment to providing practical skills development training to professionals at any stage in their career. The company has developed a strong reputation for its high-quality career training services and resources.

One satisfied client said: “ADVO helped me to find my voice and to say what I needed to say with confidence and impact. Their coaching was empowering and invaluable during my job search and I feel fortunate to have worked with such caring and dedicated individuals.”

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