Lifetek Announces FX Series Travel Umbrella Now Available On

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The LifeTek FX1 travel umbrella, one of LifeTek’s “Innovative products for everyday life”, is now available through leading global online etailer The umbrella, is retailing for $26.95. The U.S. was recently added to the LifeTek online frequent traveler sales catalog, and is live on Amazon now.

LifeTek has specifically designed their product catalog with the needs of frequent travelers foremost. LifeTek offers them quality affordable travel umbrellas that will fit any travel budget.

The LifeTek FX1 Umbrella is classically styled in classic black teflon coated water repellent canopy, and equipped with a euro-grip handle and trifold frame and has a fully automatic open and close mechanism. The FX Series frame is made from high grade steel and flexible fiberglass giving it both strength and flexibility as its foundation.

“We are happy to extend this relationship,” stated an Amazon Web Services executive, “as we are constantly on the lookout for quality innovative products that will service the greater Amazon customer community.” will allow LifeTek to service customers with things like Free Shipping, Wider international availability and guarantees. It is a relationship that LifeTek looks forward to building and expanding in the near future. Amazon is the global leader in ecomm retail.

The demand for umbrellas is dependent upon climactic conditions with some areas of the world predicting a higher demand over the next few years (such as India up to 10%) while others seeing a lesser need (California in the U.S., which is currently experiencing a drought.) Indeterminate factors also contributed to umbrella sales this year, with the Hong Kong protestors using it as a symbol in their fight for democracy. Sales of umbrellas in Hong Kong rose accordingly.

LifeTek products are designed by business professionals to meet the discerning needs of frequent travelers at an everyday value price. Every LifeTek umbrella comes with a two year “Peace of Mind” replacement guarantee against defects in the materials and workmanship. This is in addition to the 30 return policy Amazon already offers on its own.

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