LifestyleRemodel Announces Epansion Into Illinois Flooring Installation Market

LifestyleRemodel is unrelenting in its efforts to include more areas to service. For the month of December 2017, it is adding to its roster the Central States of Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, and Illinois.

After making its services available in the Carolinas last month, LifestyleRemodel is once again expanding; this time in the North Central States of Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, and Illinois. This is excellent news for homeowners in these areas because it means they will have quicker access to reliable contractors for hardwood, parquet, cork, and laminated flooring installation needs.

The choice of a trustworthy installer is a common dilemma that homeowners encounter whenever they are remodeling. With so many flooring specialists advertising their services, identifying the most suitable on can be quite a challenge. LifestyleRemodel’s unique service helps resolve this issue.

Ray Cox, LifestyleRemodel founder, explains the benefits the homeowners get when availing of their services. “We are offering something new to our clients with this contractor service. Those who are familiar with wood flooring installation and the flooring contractor industry would have observed that most businesses seem to supply and fit. This has one disadvantage because it takes away the customer’s choice of installer. This is why LifeStyleRemodel has decided to give back the choice of installer to the customer. When it comes to renovation and remodeling, addressing the needs of the customer is the most important consideration.”

Furthermore, Ray Cox observed that in the flooring industry, there was clearly a need for more qualified and independent flooring craftsmen who were not tied to flooring suppliers in the marketplace. LifestyleRemodel aims to give independence from the supply stores so that conflict of interest is avoided when choosing flooring products for home improvement projects. This also ensures that apart from excellent service, the products used are of the best quality.

LifestyleRemodel simplifies the process of finding a flooring contractor. Anyone with flooring needs can go the company’s website, click on a specific location, and they will be shown a number to call. No frills and no fuss, just quality service from the right flooring specialist. By making use of the unique kind of service that the business provides, any homeowner will have a new and fresh possibility in achieving the kind of flooring they want for their home and will have more say in creating the lifestyle they want.

Since first opening its doors in California last January, LifestyleRemodel has since made its services to 22 other states located in the Mountain and Central Regions in the United States. Plans are presently underway to expand further in both the Eastern and Western states.

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