Life Settlement Retirement Investment/Tool – Insurance Replacement Report Launch

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Q Life Settlements LLC has launched a new report that explains what life settlements are and why they can be an important part of a senior’s financial plan for retirement.

Since Americans are living longer than ever, their retirement strategies need to differ from the way that earlier generations planned for their golden years. This new report explains that life settlements may be a better financial move than holding onto and paying expensive premiums for life insurance policies.

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The latest report about life settlements is important to seniors who may no longer need or want their life insurance policies or who can no longer afford the premiums that have increased over the years. Or maybe they want funds for other important purposes, including medical expenses, paying off debt, or investment opportunities.

According to a study in 2018 by investment management firm Conning, $200 billion worth of life insurance will expire or be relinquished every year through 2027. Many of those life insurance policies could have qualified for a life settlement and put money in the policy owner’s pocket.

According to a report from Wharton School of Business, nearly 88% of all universal life insurance policies are lapsed or relinquished without paying a death benefit. Those policy owners could have benefited from life settlements.

The latest report states that many people are unaware of life settlements and their benefits. A life settlement is the legal sale of an in-force life insurance policy to a third party for more than the policy’s cash surrender value but less than its net death benefit.

This report explains that selling an insurance policy can eliminate the financial burden of premium payments and result in immediate cash in hand for a higher quality of life, especially for those seniors on a fixed income.

Life settlements are a safe option for seniors aged 70+ who have life insurance policies of $100,000 or more. Life settlement companies must be licensed, must use approved forms, and follow state regulations.

According to ThinkAdvisor, 90% of Americans live in states that have laws to protect seniors when selling their life insurance policies. The transaction takes place through an escrow account so that both seller and buyer are confident that the funds are safe.

The report advises that although life insurance remains important in many households, a life settlement can be a better option for many seniors.

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