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A Cupful Of Happy blog has launched a 30-day self-improvement challenge. The challenge is delivered by email and promises to boost happiness levels and improve mood.

A Cupful Of Happy, a positivity blog that encourages individuals to create their own happiness, has created a digital 30-day happiness challenge, called 30 Days To Living A Happier Life.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The newly launched program is designed for individuals who want to draw more happiness into their lives and want to rely on themselves for happiness, instead of relying on others and material items.

It’s suited to people who are ready to make changes to create their own happiness regardless of their personal circumstances and are willing to commit a few minutes each day to improving their lives.

The 30-day challenge is delivered via email. Individuals who sign up will receive a short, easy-to-follow email each day which includes a happiness lesson and tips and advice for improving your life and happiness levels.

Students of the challenge are encouraged to read, digest, and put the information into practice to see positive changes in their lives. The challenge promises that individuals who sign up will begin to feel happier and live a more positive life within a week of starting the challenge if they follow the lessons.

The newly launched program focuses on making small, manageable changes and taking small daily actions that can change an individual’s mood and outlook in a short period of time.

The challenge covers several areas of the self, including values, goals and lifestyle, relationships and social life, stress reduction, and more.

The 30-day challenge is normally priced at $24.97 but is currently available as a digital product for $7. One payment grants individuals who sign up unlimited access to the challenge.

The new launch also includes a complimentary guide that contains the Happiness Is A Choice report and planner. The guide is delivered through email and can be downloaded by visiting

A Cupful Of Happy is a positivity blog by blogger Cate Vissell who believes that happiness is a choice. The blog explores topics like perspective and habits and encourages readers to create their own happiness.

More information on the blog and the launch of the 30-day happiness challenge can be found by visiting the URLs above.

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