Life Coaching Programs For Men: Anxiety Relief & Online Training Services Launch

STRONG Men Coaching, LLC announced the availability of online life coaching for men struggling with anxiety, pre-diabetes and other health and wellness issues.

STRONG Men Coaching, LLC, a life coaching firm based in Fall Creek, Oregon, announced a new online life coaching program for men looking for anxiety relief, pre-diabetes prevention strategies, weight management tips and other health and life advice. The firm is led by Anthony Treas, an Iraq War veteran and certified health educator specialist with extensive experience helping men throughout the world reach their health and wellness goals.

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Studies show that one in five men will experience anxiety at one point in their lives, making it among the most widespread psychological issues among men of all ages. Lifestyle changes have been shown to help with the treatment of anxiety while also contributing to better overall health, with more and more men recognizing the benefits of professional life coaching services.

STRONG Men Coaching provides personalized life coaching programs to help men struggling with anxiety, pre-diabetes, weight management problems and other life issues.

The programs are based on Mr. Treas’ experience in Iraq and his master’s degree studies in public health and wellness coaching. Aiming to identify and remedy the root causes of each of his client’s problems, the coaching programs focus on optimal brain health as the foundation for a happier, healthier life.

Anyone interested in scheduling a strategy session with Mr. Treas can use the online form available at

A satisfied client said: “Mr. Treas undoubtedly knows what it requires to be a strong man in all facets of life! I am honored to say that I have personally known Mr. Treas for a couple of years, and I have learned practical life advice from him to implement into my own journey of being a strong man. He has a reputation of being a man of great character, a strong drive for life, and possessing an unrelenting passionate for helping people by reshifting their mindset and giving them the tools needed to be satisfied with life.”

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