Life Coach Physiology & Anatomy Expert Free Individual E-Class Launched

Luis Rivera, a Chicago motivational life coach and online meditation mastermind, has launched free e-classes, available on his website, to give visitors an insight into the relationship between physiology and anatomy for an improved mindset to bring about positive life changes.

Motivational life coach and online meditation mastermind, Luis Rivera, has launched free e-classes on his website, to give visitors an insight into what he describes as ‘Physio-Natomy’ – the combination of physiology and anatomy – for an improved mindset to bring about positive changes in life.

For more information, visit the website: The free e-classes, viewable on the website, take a look at metabolism, disease and health and present a meditational introduction into nutrition and healing whilst discussing how to focus one’s mindset towards building success in life.

Rivera is passionate about what he describes as ‘The Authenticity Complex’, a term used to describe the relationship between ‘character’ versus ‘persona’, helping clients discover who they really are in order to become their ‘true’ selves, instead of existing as a ‘persona’ behind various expected social masks, detailed in one of the e-classes.

According to Rivera, people reach a point of stagnation when they act based on outside influences and expectations, which can produce a chemical imbalance in some people; this in turn can have adverse affects on their health, including diseases that are preventable. The e-classes are an introduction to how people can live happier, healthier lives by being their real selves, a skill that Rivera helps clients work towards.

As a life coach, Rivera works with groups and individuals to motivate them and help them achieve advancements in their health, mindset, perspective and wealth, seeing them progress to higher personal levels than they’d ever imagined. He not only assists people achieve success in their private lives but also business, helping them focus on growth and coaching them in public speaking. features a meditation mastermind group (a monthly online meditation) and an online meditation and audio blog, that provides techniques for relieving stress and tension, promote healing and personal motivation. The website also contains a membership portal for contact and support.

Rivera was inspired into coaching and online business as a result of a rare nerve and ligament issue and a lack of medical advice and treatment available, so educated himself in a Master of Science in Exercise and Health Science degree, health coaching, fitness training, meditation training and nutrition training, in order to heal himself. Through his rehabilitation he now has the know-how to coach others.

An introduction to his e-classes can be found on the website.

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