Licensed Cannabis/CBD Online Vendor Marketplace Product Sales Platform Expands

WhereTheLoud has launched its open online marketplace for vendors supplying cannabis and CBD-related products, offering a zero-commission promotion for the first 100 vendors.

Online cannabis marketplace, WhereTheLoud has expanded its one-stop-shop marketplace for vendors supplying cannabis and CBD-related products, equipment, and accessories.

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The expansion of WhereTheLoud meets the growing need for a unified cannabis marketplace for wholesalers, retailers, and other cannabis businesses looking for opportunities to expand their customer reach and save operational overheads.

With this expansion, WhereTheLoud continues to establish itself as a vendor-focused enterprise and aims to be the largest outlet for CBD-related products online. The company intends to achieve this by creating a business-friendly framework that supports vendors with trade facilitation, alongside advertising, promotional campaigns, payment processing services, and customer support.

The platform is designed to scale rapidly and evolve into an ecosystem of growing startups, cannabis growers, CBD manufacturers, and retail stores looking to increase online visibility and sales. WhereTheLoud promises that customers who visit the platform can expect to find a diverse selection of products sold at competitive prices that can be compared across a growing list of registered vendors.

WhereTheLoud provides vendors with benefits such as free signups, shared-cost advertising, and promotional campaigns using the company’s state-of-the-art platform and social media pages at little to no additional cost. Other benefits include a customer support service and an instant checkout and payment system for orders – all of which are integrated into the WhereTheLoud website.

Some of the product categories currently available for vendors on the WhereTheLoud platform include edibles, cannabis growing equipment, pre-rolls, cannabis accessories, CBD derivatives, lighting, and others.

A spokesperson said, “We have spent years researching the industry. Consumers are looking for a one-stop-shop where they can browse and compare prices from a wide variety of shops; both online as well as brick and mortar. That is exactly what WhereTheLoud provides. Let WhereTheLoud market your products and allow customers to purchase them using our quick and easy checkout process.”

WhereTheLoud is currently offering a zero-commission promotion for the first 100 vendors that sign up to the platform. Interested parties can learn more about WhereTheLoud, and its B2B and B2C promotions by visiting the company website here:

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