LGBTQ+ Minority-Inclusive Campaign Brand Strategy | Nonprofits’ Service Launched

Manderson PR (347-907-9291), a public relations agency based in North Miami that works with local and national clients, is now offering LGBTQ+ minority-inclusive campaign brand strategy services.

As diversity increasingly becomes a value that all of US society seeks to uphold, it is essential that corporates and charitable foundations showcase their own diverse and inclusive ethos. That’s where Manderson PR comes in. The brand strategy experts are now assisting various corporate and non-profit organizations to showcase their LGBTQ+ and minority-inclusive core beliefs to their customers and client base through effective branding.

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The launch of their new Diversity Equity & Inclusion brand campaign services coincides with a recent article published on Forbes about the consumer demand for diversity in marketing. Drawing on an expansive study from Adobe, Forbes’ writers explained that 61% of Americans now believe that diversity in advertising is important, with 38% of consumers revealing that they are far more likely to trust brands that show diversity well.

However, as the same study concluded, 66% of the African Americans and Latino and Hispanic Americans surveyed felt that their ethnicity was still portrayed stereotypically, even in ostensibly diverse campaigns.

Manderson PR is not surprised by these findings and they believe they stress the need for greater cultural intelligence in the quest to make minority-inclusive branding genuinely meaningful and genuinely capable of resonating with its audience.

While companies and charitable foundations may feel that a token mention of their values is enough to attest that they are an organization free from LGBTQ+ discrimination, racism, sexism and ageism, Manderson PR believes that diversity branding must be authentic and handled with the utmost sensitivity.

If done correctly, in their expert hands, they are confident that minority-inclusive branding developed through coherent brand strategy, content creation, and media relations, including social media, can herald excellent results. Chief among them is greater market trust and connection and the attraction of high caliber and productive talent that aligns with an organization’s values.

Wayne Anderson, the Executive Director, said, “We serve our clients through our internal culture that we’ve carefully cultivated. We then utilize our collective talents to execute each campaign by forging authentic and creative strategies uniquely customized for each client. Be it a non-profit or enterprise, we are your partner, building compelling storytelling that resonates with impact while delivering results.”

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