Lexington Happy Butcher Brings Premium Beef Cuts to South Carolina (SC)

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Ed Campbell's Happy Butcher serves antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free, and preservative-free Certified Piedmontese making his Lexington meat counter the go-to place for South Carolina's most tender and healthiest cuts of beef.

Customers who walk near The Happy Butcher—a premium meats shop in Lexington, South Carolina—find themselves drawn to the tantalizing smell of steaks sizzling on the grill, and owner and operator Ed Campbell grilling up delicious cuts of beef for his costumers to sample. For 20 years and counting, Ed has provided his customers the best beef products on the market, including a wide assortment of Certified Piedmontese cuts. “If I have a Certified Piedmontese steak cooking on the grill and someone walks by and tastes it, I can just see how much they love it in their eyes,” Ed says.

And for Ed, seeing customers happy is the best part of business.

To learn more about Lexington South Carolina’s Happy Butcher visit http://thehappybutcher.com

The Happy Butcher has carved its niche as a neighborhood gem that puts customer service at the heart of day-to-day operations. “I run a one-man operation here, so I’m the CEO and the window cleaner. I get to do it all,” laughs Ed, who leverages his business’s small size to offer the best customer service possible. “We’ve been successful because we’ve had two goals in mind from the start: carry the highest-quality beef products and provide the highest-quality service— and we’ve done exactly that for going on 21 years.”

Customers have plenty of cuts to choose from when they order Certified Piedmontese beef from The Happy Butcher. “We offer filets, ribeye, sirloin, New York strips, flat iron, and every now and then, the tomahawk ribeye,” says Ed.

It’s no secret Ed’s customers appreciate his dedication to service and the quality beef he provides them, but when it comes to the wet rub he puts on many of his beef cuts, the secret is part of the Happy Butcher’s success. “The base is garlic, salt, and pepper, and I can’t tell you more than that,” Ed laughs. “But it’s fabulous. It’s another way we go above and beyond to set ourselves apart from other meat providers. Customers ask for the recipe, but I tell them they’ll have to wait until I get ready to retire,” he chuckles. “Then I’ll auction it off to the highest bidder!”

The Happy Butcher has become the go-to place for the highest-quality meats in the Lexington area and beyond, and Ed doesn’t see that changing anytime soon. “I’ll keep getting the best beef I can possibly get,” he says. “My customers expect more from their beef, and that’s why they love Certified Piedmontese.” And since customer happiness is a top priority for The Happy Butcher, he plans to continue to carry Certified Piedmontese beef well into the future. “Certified Piedmontese beef is changing the industry, and it’s simply a wonderful product.”

To learn more about Certified Piedmontese Beef please visit https://www.piedmontese.com/

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