Les Brown brings an event to help people reach their dreams after pandemic.

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Hungry for Greatness, is a Virtual Conference showcasing Motivational Speaker Les Brown as helps people to get unstuck, reach their dreams and goals, whom were affected by the Pandemic.

Hungry for Greatness, a free Virtual Conference Motivational Speaker Les Brown helps people to get unstuck, reach their dreams and goals, whom were affected by the Pandemic. You can register to attend Hungry for Greatness – Featuring Les Brown scheduled for June 12th starting at 10 AM EST.

Tamara Barber will speak about Passion – “awaken” the passion in order to gain the motivation and inspiration to accomplish a persons dreams. But passion never sleeps. People sleep.

Victoria Finch Heart Healer will use the analogy of the rose bush as she takes the audience on a journey of self love and self forgiveness. Where there are no thorns there are no roses. Matshona Dhliwayo

Cristian Moldovan will speak about the Power of Magnetized Greatness. On average, when under pressure people can only express 4 human emotions. When faced with hardships, living in a world filled with challenges, emotions can be paralyzing. Emotional overwhelm can be a great obstacle in achieving greatness. But we know it as “people quit”. Cristian Moldovan, a relationship strategist working with decision makers globally, says passion is the key to progress towards Greatness. “No school system teaches how to identify emotions, yet they reprezentare the first language human beings use.” “Passion is like a magnetic force, that sets people energy in motion. You leverage it, or it leverages you“ Cristian Moldovan is an international coach and speaker, focused taking teams and families of busy, active human beings from conflict and disempowering dynamics to unified, supportive and loving relationships, based on deep connection, to achieve excellent results and experiences. He works with executive teams, leaders and entrepreneurs on 3 continents, helping them create powerful, loving and driven cultures in their teams and families, so they can live a fulfilled life.

Full details on the event can be found on the website at https://www.hungrylegacy.com/signup

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