Leolani Best Premium Hawaiian Tenor Ukulele Now Available

Driven by the urge to offer something bigger than a mere souvenir, Leolani has gone ahead to introduce T524G Tenor Ukulele, a superbly-tuned Hawaiian string instrument.

Get the Newest Premium Hawaiian Tenor Ukulele from Leolani

Leolani is almost synonymous to ‘authenticity’, with the brand striving to offer top-notch quality music instruments that best showcase the Hawaiian culture.

Founded by Honolulu based Jenny Liu, Leolani is a store that meets all your Ukulele shopping needs, checking all the right boxes when it comes to quality, authenticity, customer experience, Hawaiian culture promotion, and, most importantly, price!

Driven by the urge to offer something bigger than a mere souvenir, Leolani has gone ahead to introduce T524G Tenor Ukulele, a superbly-tuned Hawaiian string instrument, to their already impressive range of products. This Hawaiian Ukulele beats class and sass in all departments.

T524G: The Best Hawaiian Ukulele Store in Design Prowess

Solid Cedar makes the T524G’s top, giving it that crisp finish that exudes nothing short of design dexterity. The sides round up towards the back, displaying pure Macassar Ebony that blends in perfectly with the deep chocolate and stripe tones. The best thing with Leolani is that they never sugar coat; they have made it clear that their T524G Tenor Ukulele is laminate. However, their use of these two rather contrasting wood types is intentional, as they work in nearly perfect ‘synch’ to give the instrument a premium look.

The ends of the bridge are creatively chamfered, featuring a tie-bar style. To meet this, Leolani makes use of eco-friendly rosewood which is basically reconstituted; tons of off-cut rosewood strips are used to form a chunk of wood which is then curved out into the T524G Tenor Ukulele’s ends. If you are that keen to detail, you will be sure to notice the grains of wood running through the ends, giving the illusion of original rosewood. To finish it off, Leolani fits it with a bone saddle that is straight topped.

The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, boasting tapered braces and notched kerfing. While some glue finishes are evident here and there, there is nothing that is dramatically tragic or utterly unnecessary that Leolani has added. As you might have guessed by now, Leolani works their magic yet again when it comes to the strings by choosing Aquila. To crown it all, Leolani throws in what they like calling their special ‘TUX’ finish, characterized by an exceptionally well executed satin gloss that is glass smooth!

Hawaii Leolani Ukulele Store for All Your Tenor Uke Solutions

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and Leolani seems to understand this fact all so well. The brand keeps it modest when it comes to decoration; only spicing up the sound-hole with a little bit of abalone. Curly maple stands out in the edges’ top, back and binding, and the black-and-white purfling that forms the ukulele’s top complements the entire look. While a nice satin finish almost always does the trick, Leolani has found a way around the Tenor Ukulele’s neck finish, which makes it a bit less smooth that the rest of the instrument’s body. This rather intentional design approach works perfectly well, seeing as it makes it so slick and easy to move around the neck. More ebony covers up the crown-shaped headstock, giving it a slightly more curved finish.

Matching the T524G Tenor Ukulele’s build is its price and sustain stakes and volume. While Leolani’s focus on premium quality is apparent, the store understands that a reasonable price won’t do them any harm. In addition to this, the Ukulele’s tone is amazingly clear, with no muddy or lost notes. The impeccably done wood combination gives this Hawaii darling a chummier and brighter feel that is in no way zingy or strident.

For more information, please visit Leolani’s website https://www.leolaniukulele.com/

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