Leo Lantz Construction, Inc. Offers Five Kitchen Design Tips For Empty-Nesters

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Leo Lantz Construction, Inc. offers 5 kitchen design tips for empty nesters considering a remodel. The tips in the article will help in creating the ideal kitchen space for those who need it.

Leo Lantz Construction, Inc. of Glen Allen, Virginia has released an article covering five kitchen design tips for those finding themselves with more space after children have left the home. Needs would most likely change for empty nesters, and these tips from Leo Lantz will help create the ideal kitchen space for those who need it.

The entire list of design tips can be found at https://leolantz.com/5-tips-on-how-to-design-a-perfect-kitchen-for-empty-nesters

According to research by Houzz for 2019, Baby Boomers (over the age of 55) and Gen Xers (aged 40 to 54) accounted for more than 80% of all American homeowners who renovated their homes. Another study from Nielsen found that most Baby Boomers have lived in their homes for the last decade or more, and 63% have no intention of moving. Instead, many are planning to renovate their homes to make their homes more valuable and livable.

A top suggestion is to create an open-plan kitchen. This design is popular because it gives the home a spacious feel as well as flexibility for entertaining. With this design, homeowners can cook and bake in the kitchen while enjoying the presence of others. One example is an open-plan design that accommodates a large dining table. This is especially good for empty nesters who like to host family for holidays.

Create a kitchen that is functional and safe. Because of the age of many empty nesters and the complications that can occur with advanced age, the most used cabinets should ideally be below the eyes and above the knees. This design will ensure that kitchen storage is optimized for easy and safe access. An additional consideration would be to have appliances like wall ovens and cooktops. These can be placed so that having to bend is greatly minimized.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. This makes it important for continued quality of life to ensure that the kitchen is optimally designed for the needs of the aging homeowner. As these needs change, the space should change to meet those needs. For many empty nesters, a kitchen renovation may be the right thing.

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