Lenny’s Net Market Releases A New VideoRankr Product Review, Demo and Bonuses

Lenny's Net Market was founded in 2015 and serves the Internet Marketing industry. It is known for Internet Marketing Training and Product Reviews.

Lenny’s Net Market released their in-depth review and demonstration of a re-released all in one video ranking tool called VideoRankr. This review reveals if VideoRankr really delivers on its promises and ranks videos in YouTube and Google as advertised. VideoRankr was initially released by Abdul Hannan around May 4th 2015. Since that time, Abdul has significantly lowered the price of the services and updated several of the product’s features. The updated version of VideRankr Launches on July 9th 2015 at 11am EST.

Lenny’s Net Market owner {Lenny Rowell} says there are many people considering buying VideoRankr and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits for Internet Marketers. The purpose of doing the VideoRankr review was to help consumers make an informed decision on whether VideoRankr is something they should reconsider and use to improve their affiliate marketing endeavors.

Lenny’s review also discusses the pros, cons and special features of VideoRankr. When it comes to ranking YouTube videos, the average marketer knows there are a number of important steps that are required to see the maximum benefit in the search engines. VideoRankr compiled a list of these requirements and offered them as a service in one automated tool.

Here is a summary of the product’s major features and services:

High PR Social Bookmarks (Choose 50,100, or 200) Video Syndication (10+ Blogging Sites) Directory Submission (300+ Sites) High Retention Views (1000+) Redirect Backlinks (350+ Sites) Url Shortners Links (Top 30+ Sites) Link Reports Built In Pinger Link Indexer (3rd Party Services Required)

Lastly, this review gives an analysis of how well VideoRankr actually delivers and some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price. Lenny also provides two sensational bonuses that will provided to anyone who decides to purchase the product through his affiliate link.

The product review is available at http://lennysnetmarket.com/videorankr-review-and-b…. and on Lenny’s YouTube Channel.

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