Lenexa KS Window Shutters – Curtains Installation/Consultation Service Launched

A home custom window covering design consultation service for homes and businesses has been launched by Inside Solutions (913-890-3737) for customers in Lenexa, KS & the Kansas City area.

Inside Solutions, LLC has launched a home consultation service to help home and business owners in Lenexa, and the wider Johnson County, KS area, choose the ideal custom window coverings for their property. This service enables property owners to find the perfect shutters, curtains or drapes.

More information is available at https://insidesolutionsllc.com

The home window drapery consultation service has been launched to ensure customers get quality window coverings for their particular home or commercial premises. Inside Solutions can advise on the best coverings depending on window size and location. Windows that receive full sun require careful consideration to avoid home or businesses overheating in summer.

Formed in 1981, Inside Solutions has been providing custom and bespoke window covering solutions to residents and businesses in Johnson County, KS, and the whole of the Kansas City area for over 20 years.

Despite a slightly higher price, custom window treatments offer better value than off-the-shelf solutions. Individually designed treatments do cost a little more than shop-bought window coverings but the value they bring in fitting perfectly and having a longer functional lifetime, more than repay that additional investment.

The complimentary home consultation service offers home and business owners the opportunity to have the equivalent of an experienced and qualified interior designer specifically for their window coverings. This means having the choice of a comprehensive range of coverings from shutters and curtains to drapes and blinds that fit exactly.

Perfectly fitting window coverings are vital if trying to achieve the ideal amount of light entering a property. The goal is to achieve the maximum natural light in each room while preventing an excess of light from being admitted that may cause a room to overheat.

Each professional consultation considers not only the style of window covering but also the best fabrics, colors, styles, and even width of slats on shutters that work best with the existing décor of each home or business.

Custom curtains and drapes work particularly well for soft furnishing finishes. On the other hand, cleverly chosen blinds often work well in kitchen and bathroom settings while contributing to the attractive aesthetic of the room. Cellular shades are available in a variety of finishes and sometimes have additional insulation to save on heating bills. Alternatively, Bamboo shades provide a naturally soft and warm look, compared to fabric roller shades which are durable and able to block harmful UV rays.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are your local custom window covering provider for the Johnson County and the entire Kansas City area providing curtains, drapery, blinds, shutters, and more. We offer unique programs tailored to the homeowners of this area and we will help you create that wow factor for your home.”

Further details can be found at https://insidesolutionsllc.com

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