Lehigh Acres Company Formed in Response to Foreclosure and Distressed Property Epidemic

The Cape Coral-Fort Myers region of Florida has a new ally against foreclosure and bankruptcy. Eric and Lewis Renney have formed Green Sun Homes, a Lehigh Acres-based residential redevelopment firm specializing in distressed real estate.

As part of Eric and Lewis Renney’s efforts to combat the foreclosure woes plaguing the greater Fort Myers area, the Lehigh Acres-based brothers have created the new residential redevelopment company, Green Sun Homes LLC.

This new firm is a full‐service agency, providing the means for owners of distressed properties to sell their houses if attempting to stop foreclosure, escape from an upside-down mortgage or unload vacant rental properties. Anyone who needs relief from real estate problems could potentially benefit.

Their methodology is two-sided: First, they offer relief for property owners by buying their homes even if the houses are in poor condition. Second is the renovation of the homes to beautify the residential areas, thereby increasing the values of surrounding properties. The end goal is to provide financial relief for individuals, as well as financial rejuvenation for the communities in and around Lee County.

The homes are purchased in any condition, throughout the Southwest Florida area, and there are no charges or fees involved when consulting or making an offer on a property.

Additionally, Green Sun Homes is prepared to offer licensed real estate agents a referral fee of up to $1000 for a property they purchase.

Green Sun Homes is equipped to assist with situations such as:

Foreclosure Avoidance

Debt removal or renegotiation 

Title Issues 

Vacant Properties 

Environmental or structural problems 


Over-leveraged properties

Judgments or liens

Full details can be viewed on the website: http://greensunhomesllc.com

In recent years, Lehigh Acres has been regarded as a primary example of the struggling real estate industry, even becoming the focus of the 2010 independent film entitled: Dreams for Sale: Lehigh Acres and the Florida Foreclosure Crisis, in which residents relay their experiences living in the area.

However, Green Sun Homes CEO, Eric Renney spoke optimistically of the prospect of helping property owners, saying: 

“We can help stop foreclosure and avoid bankruptcy in most scenarios. We work with each homeowner individually and explore all possible options.”

All those with questions are invited to get in touch with Eric Renney via the website, greensunhomesllc.com.

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