Leesburg Weight Loss Chronic Fatigue Packages For Health And Wellness Launched

Med-Health 360 has launched its Chronic Fatigue package and Weight Loss program. They are designed to help individuals return to their weight loss and fitness goals, post-quarantine.

Med-Health 360, the premier wellness center in northern Virginia, has launched its Chronic Fatigue package and Weight Loss program. The company specializes in focusing on the unique needs of patients for customized treatments that yield stunning outcomes.

Details can be found at https://medhealth360.com

The newly announced packages target stress eaters, those who have been living a mainly sedentary lifestyle, and those who have had difficulty getting through life during the current pandemic. It was designed with the aim of aiding in weight loss while increasing energy.

It is a fact that over the past few months the quarantine life from the current pandemic has taken a toll on almost everyone involved. Many have spent time in front of their computers, either indulging in movies and shows or remote work, causing them to veer away from their overall health and wellness routines. As a result, many have put on a few extra pounds.

Med-Health 360 understands that humans are complex beings, so traditional medicine does not always work for everyone when it comes to helping them live a healthier and fruitful life. For this reason, the health center’s packages are a combination of nutritional counseling, physical fitness, and hormone replacement under direct supervision.

The Weight Loss package is a medically supervised four-part program. The program includes complimentary consultation, personalized programs, coordination and support, and continuing care and Med-Health 360’s guarantee.

More information on the Weight Loss program can be found at https://medhealth360.com/medically-supervised-weight-loss-programs

With the company’s complimentary consultation clients get the opportunity to learn about the importance of integrating diet, nutrition, bio-identical hormones, and fitness metabolism. They’re also educated on how these four elements can help them.

Clients will have a personalized program created for them based on the lab tests conducted by the center on them and on their personal history. Each client will also be assigned a coordinator who will play the part of an accountability coach and cheerleader, supporting all weight loss efforts put forth.

According to a company spokesperson, Med-Health 360 is confident in their system and guarantees that if one follows their program, one will feel healthier and lose weight.

While the Weight Loss program focuses on one’s physical wellbeing in terms of weight management, the Chronic Fatigue package deals with one’s overall self. It targets one’s lifestyle, nutritional education, hormone balance, metabolism, and mobility.

More can be found on this at https://medhealth360.com/chronic-fatigue.

With the Chronic Fatigue package, clients can expect to have their sleep patterns and metabolic rates evaluated and be educated about their symptoms. The package caters to both men and women and includes testosterone replacement, estrogen replacement, thyroid replacement, fitness programs, and sleep referrals.

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