Leesburg VA Dentist Announces New Dental Wellness Program

Dr. Kokel provides best in class dental care to patients in Leesburg, VA. She stays updated about the latest dental techniques by pursuing continuing education in the dental industry.

Dr. Deidra B. Kokel is a pre-eminent dentist in Leesburg, VA with experience that spans nearly two decades in a wide range of dental procedures.

To help ensure that the costs of dental care do not deter a patient from receiving the most advanced quality dental care, Dr. Kokel has launched an in-house dental wellness program for the uninsured

Program for Routine and Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Kokel firmly believes that a dental problem should never turn into a financial problem. Therefore, she and her team have created an affordable in-house dental wellness program that is helping patients in and around Leesburg, VA to have access to routine preventative dental care at a reasonable cost.

For patients who want to receive more than just the basic dental treatment, Dr. Kokel’s dental wellness program is designed to provide state of the art dental procedures as well. The eligibility condition for membership to the program is that the patient should not have dental insurance.

However, patients should know that the program is not dental insurance, but an in-house service from Dr. Kokel’s practice to patients who seek the best quality dental care, but do not have insurance. If a member of the dental wellness program does not use their benefits, they cannot receive a refund and their benefits will not roll over to the next plan year.

Program Inclusions

· Initial Cleaning and Comprehensive Exam

· Cavity Detection X-Rays

· Follow-Up Doctor Consultation

· 6 Month Periodic Dental Exam

· 6 Month Routine Dental Cleaning

Members of the program can receive 20 percent off on additional dental services. When a patient in Leesburg, VA uses Dr. Kokel’s in-house dental wellness program, they can choose to pay by cash, check, or a major credit card.

About Dr. Kokel

Dr. Deidra Bird Kokel has been practicing since 1992. Dr. Kokel is committed to providing best in class dental care to patients in and around Leesburg, VA. She stays updated about the latest dental techniques and technology by pursuing continuing education and networking within the dental community.

To learn more about Dr. Kokel’s Dental Wellness Program and its terms and conditions, patients should check out her practice website or call at (703) 997-1697 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kokel.

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