Leesburg VA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Holistic Treatment Services Announced

Premier Health and Holistic Medicine announces holistic treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) sufferers with Dr. Robin Ridinger, specialist in CFS.

Premier Health and Holistic Medicine announces their newly updated holistic medical services for sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with specialist Dr. Robin Ridinger.

More information is available at https://www.premierhealthandholisticmedicine.com/blog/2021/2/25/what-is-chronic-fatigue-syndrome

Dr.Ridinger explains that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is more than a normal feeling of being tired. The fatigue of CFS is extreme and either continues for several months or comes back periodically. It may get worse with either physical or mental activity but is not relieved after rest and cannot be attributed to another medical condition.

CFS may be the result of disruptions in the body’s mitochondria, cellular elements that create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which, in turn, provides energy to drive the body’s functions. When the mitochondria do not function properly, the cell is starved of energy and the body feels fatigue that is more complex than normal tired feelings.

CFS symptoms can also be worsened by the tick borne illness, Lyme disease, Epstein Barr Virus (EBS), mononucleosis and yeast infections.

Diagnosis of CFS is extremely difficult since no precise lab test exists and no single cause has been confirmed which makes working with an experienced specialist like Dr. Ridinger and taking advantage of her newly updated CFS treatment service so important.

CFS symptoms are sometimes similar to other medical conditions or patients may not seem sick in the normal way. Medical professionals may think that the patient is complaining without valid reason.

A CFS diagnosis often comes after having ruled out other medical conditions with similar symptoms, such as anemia, underactive thyroid, liver and/or kidney problems.

Because patients are often disheartened by a lack of diagnosis after ongoing tests with other medical professionals, Dr. Ridinger evaluates a patient’s full medical history and develops an individualized holistic treatment for each person.

Sufferers of CFS may be able to improve the quality of their lives with significant changes in diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle sleep, and stress. To that end, a holistic approach is called for with treatment that can include coaching to help the patient make such changes.

Interested parties who want to improve the quality of their lives can get more information by visiting https://www.premierhealthandholisticmedicine.com/blog/2021/2/25/what-is-chronic-fatigue-syndrome

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