Leeds Audiologist & Hearing Tests Clinic Bluetooth Oticon Opn Rite Aids Launched

The popular Leeds audiology clinic 2020 Hearing Ltd, with free hearing tests and aid trials at 07941 061023, announced it is offering the new Oticon Opn Rite hearing aids with iPhone, TV and IoT connectivity at highly affordable prices.

2020 Hearing Ltd announced it is now offering the discreet, behind the ear Oticon Opn RITE hearing aids for patients who want to enjoy a natural, 360º hearing experience with improved speech understanding and direct connectivity with their iPhone, TV and IoT network.

More information is available at http://2020hearing.co.uk.

2020 Hearing is a popular clinic in Leeds, known for the high standards of hearing care, quality digital hearing aids and safe micro suction ear wax removal it has been providing the community of Yorkshire over the last decade.

The clinic is now offering the new Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aids which sit comfortably behind the ear and draw on groundbreaking technology to adapt to the dynamics of the soundscape around them and ensure a natural, 360º open sound experience that can handle multiple speakers with less effort, better recall and improved speech understanding even in noise.

These Bluetooth hearing aids are the first to feature direct iPhone connectivity, can be easily paired with a TV adapter and are able to connect with any other smart devices in the user’s IFTTT or IoT home network. Available in multiple colors and styles, they can also include tinnitus relief sounds, telecoil technology and wide variety of other original, customized features.

They are available at the 2020 Hearing Ltd clinic with complimentary trials and demonstrations. All the parts, repairs, re-programming, servicing, maintenance advice the client may require over the lifetime of the hearing aids years is provided by the HCPC registered and certified senior audiologist Chris Scire.

The 2020 Hearing team explains that “as an independent supplier of hearing aids, we can offer products from all the best manufacturers in the market. Most of our competitors cannot do this. And because we genuinely care about our customers, we check the prices weekly for competitive value and strive to guarantee the highest levels of aftercare every time.”

Free hearing aid trials and no-obligation hearing tests with 2020 Hearing Ltd can be booked by calling 07941 061023 or through the website link provided above.

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