Lee Michael Walton – Welsh Choral Music/Ballads Inspirational Album Released

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Singer-songwriter Lee Michael Walton has released his new album ‘The Beginning is Here’, which presents several tracks inspired by the triumphs over adversity of the Welsh-born singer’s life.

Welsh singer-songwriter Lee Michael Walton has announced the release of his new album ‘The Beginning is Here’, which is now available as a physical release and will be on all streaming platforms from August 6th.

More information is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxMGcEr4QOk

The new release is the artist’s debut album and brings together several tracks that tell a story inspired by his personal struggles of breakdown, transformation, and triumph against adversity.

With his new release, Lee Michael Walton hopes to inspire listeners on their own journeys as he opens up about his emotional and spiritual experiences. Presented as a concept album, each track of ‘The Beginning is Here’ is a chapter that explores human relationships and their power in changing the lives of others.

Despite a turbulent upbringing caused by family relationships and Lee’s sexuality, the Welsh-born singer discovered an escape through his love of music and began performing as a successful musician aboard cruise ships. However, being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that affected his face, he was told he would never sing again.

Following a pioneering treatment that involved removing his mouth and replacing it with skin from his leg, Lee fought against the odds to recover his singing ability and returned to his love of creating music. ‘The Beginning is Here’ is a testament to Lee’s personal strength while also delivering an inspirational message to others who may be struggling with their own challenges.

Having worked in psychotherapeutic counselling, the singer also brings a unique depth of understanding and empathy regarding mental issues to his work. This insight helps listeners to connect with the songs while also raising awareness of real-life challenges such as dealing with trauma.

Mastered in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, ‘The Beginning is Here’ offers a range of choral tracks, 80s-inspired tunes, and melodic piano ballads such as ‘Fallen Angel’. Additionally, the album features several spoken word pieces that bring the tracks together.

Speaking of the album, Lee said, ”I would like to share with you my journey with the wish that it will magically guide you on your emotional and spiritual journey home.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxMGcEr4QOk

Release ID: 89031644