LED Dog Collar Off Leash Detection Pendant Online Store Giveaway Announced

An online store specializing in clothes, jewelry, pet accessories and more, has announced a new giveaway collection. It is part of a commitment to high quality customer service.

Deal Horde, the online store specializing in a wide range of items including T-shirts and jewelry, has announced a new giveaway collection as part of its launch. After the launch period, it will still offer free products in various other collections throughout the year.

More information can be found at: https://dealhorde.com/blogs/news/the-story-of-dealhorde-com.

The giveaway collection includes gold plated bangles that can be stacked with ease, crafted in silver tone or gold tone mixed material. It also offers dog collar pendants with LED illumination to make it easier to find dogs when they’re off the leash on a walk.

Other products include glow in the dark, adjustable pet safety collars, which helps to make pets easier to find in low light situations. To round out the collection, iPhone wine glass covers are available, along with retro cat eye sunglasses and amethyst cross finger rings.

These giveaway collections are what sets Deal Horde apart from other online stores. It hasn’t set out to build a hoard, because that would imply the site was keeping deals all to itself.

Rather, it aims to collect a “horde” of deals, in numerous different areas, so that customers can get the best prices on products and services.

Deal Horde explains that many online stores are launched every day, and the company wanted to find a way to stand out. It’s for this reason that it offers the free collections, which provide customers with free gifts across beauty, cooking, fashion, jewelry, clothes, kids and pets items.

Even after the time limit imposed on the launch and giveaways collections, Deal Horde is committed to providing items free of charge. It’s this commitment to customer service that separates the online store from the competition.

In addition to the giveaway collection, the online store offers a wide range of products separated into categories to make them easy to find. These include accessories, custom tees, eyewear, outdoor products and more.

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