Leather Shoe Nourisher – Suede/Nubuck Footwear Sneaker Cleaning Guide Launched

A new guide to proper shoe cleaning and maintenance has been launched by Aina Care. They provide readers with detailed tips for leather, suede, and other shoes to ensure they’re clean at all times.

Aina Care have announced the launch of their new guide to cleaning all shoe types. The guide helps people to clean their shoes more thoroughly, remove stains, and protect different footwear materials to keep them looking good and lasting longer.

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The newly launched guide, called “How to Clean Shoes: The Right Approach for Any Shoe Type”, covers caring for and maintaining all manner of footwear. Aina Care understands that shoes come in many different materials and styles, and the need to keep them clean and protected.

The guide begins with leather, suede, and nubuck boots, shoes, and sneakers. Firstly, laces should be removed and either cleaned or replaced before debris and loose dirt is removed from the shoes’ surface with a soft cloth or brush.

Depending on if they are leather or suede/nubuck, the appropriate specialist cleaner, available from Aina Care, should be applied to remove dirt, stains, and mold.

Leather shoes can then be conditioned by using the Aina Care Leather Nourisher, followed by their Leather Protector. Suede and nubuck can be protected from the elements with the Aina Care Water Repellant Propeller.

Fabric shoes such as pumps, flats, and scrappy sandals require a different care regime. It is also advised to never clean fabric shoes in the washing machine, as it can weaken the glue holding them together or ruin any leather linings.

After wiping away loose dirt and debris, Aina Care’s Sneaker Cleaning Solution can be applied to gently lift away any remaining stains. Shoes should then be left to air dry.

The guide explains that tennis and athletic shoes can be cleaned in the washing machine quite safely with normal washing detergent once excess debris and laces have been removed. Stains can also be treated pre-wash with their Athletic Shoe Cleaner. Other products available in the range include a freshener Sparta and Shoe Shield.

Aina Care is an online retailer specializing in offering their customers premium cleaning solutions. They are passionate about saving the planet and provide eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to house their natural products.

A recent customer said: “This product worked very well, super fast shipping, would highly recommend it.”

Those wishing to find out more about Aina Care and their range of cleaning solutions can contact them at: 240-788-7781. They can also watch their video guide to their Sneaker Cleaning Kit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V7vp8yt8qg

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