Learning how to kill. Dr. Alice Prince – free chapter download available today

Dr. Alice Prince is releasing her chapter in “G.R.I.T. - Chapter: Learning How to Kill.” For more information or to book Dr. Alice Prince visit the website: https://dr-alice-prince.com

Dr. Alice Prince of Saint Louis, Missouri, releases her chapter in the anthology entitled G.R.I.T. compiled by Cathy L. Davis, Jennifer Bardot, and Carrie Burggraf. The chapter penned by Dr. Prince is titled “Learning How to Kill.” Fans can download the chapter for free at https://dr-alice-prince.com G.R.I.T. is an International Best-Selling Book. G.R.I.T. can be purchase on Amazon and all major retail outlets.

“Learning How to Kill,” penned by Dr. Alice, is a powerful lesson about grit. The title of the book and acronyms stand for growth, resiliency, intentionality, and tenacity. Alice Prince learned grit at a young age. She hopes others can learn from the lessons taught by her mother. The knowledge gleaned from her mother has helped shape her personal and professional career. Fans worldwide can read about the highly anticipated chapter release today. The audio version of the chapter is also available for download on the website and YouTube channel. The link to the YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtAfLq9O37iI11f2JcBGu9w.

Dr. Alice Prince said she was excited to join the anthology compiled by Cathy L. Davis. The book is full of amazing women and their personal and professional journeys. She has read the stories of the other women and learned from many of her peers. Dr. Prince says, “In life, you can never stop growing and learning. Once you stop growing, you stop living. And life is important.”

Dr. Prince, C.E.O. of Pathways United, hopes to inspire women around the world. She wants every woman to tap into their grit. She stated that every woman has untapped potential and power waiting to be released.

Dr. Alice Prince was the Executive Director of a workforce agency in Saint Louis, Missouri. She was entrusted with over twenty-five million dollars of federal, state, and local contracts. Dr. Prince has been credited with supporting thousands of individuals to find meaningful employment and increase their employability skills. Dr. Prince chose to leave the government and founded an organization called Pathways United. Pathways United specializes in workforce and education programs. To date, Pathways United has a unique partnership with the Department of Energy. The program helps find pathways for minority-owned businesses and women own businesses to participate in the Department of Energy’s SBIR program. To learn more about the SBIR program, please log on to https://pathwaysunited.org Dr. Alice Prince is also the Executive Producer and co-host of Good Morning Saint Louis. Good Morning Saint Louis is a show aimed to amplify the voices of entrepreneurs. You can view the show by logging on to https://good-morning-saint-louis.com.

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