Learning Analytics from Expert, Mr Gopal Prasad Malakar – Online course on Udemy

Online Courses on Data Analytics and Machine Learning by Gopal Prasad Malakar. Included are some of the sought after topics like Basic Statistics, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Cluster Analysis, Principal Component and Factor Analysis. Additionally, Courses on Statistical Packages like SAS and R Programming designed.

Analytics – emerging field of Machine Learning and Data Analytics which has led to increased demand for training in basic and advanced statistics. Statistics has practical implications in almost every field starting from Analytics in MNCs and Corporates to BioStatistics in the Medical arena.

Whilst there are innumerable courses on Analytics – online and offline, many of the institutes charge a bomb to teach even the basic concepts of Statistics.

What is learnt by students or professionals from non-Analytics background are, most often, only the theoretical concepts without practical implications.

Hence to cater to the needs of such students, Mr Gopal Prasad Malakar, Analytics professional, having 16+ years of experience in Credit Card Analytics, has designed various courses on Basic as well as Advanced Analytics.

Additionally, there are special courses designed on SAS and R which are the most often used programming languages in Advanced Analytics, especially for Statistical Model building and Machine Learning.

Some of the features of the courses are:

Simple and Easy to understand.

Practical and Live Examples after every concept using Microsoft Excel.

SAS and R explained using practical examples.

Flexibility of time in doing each course.

Assignment and Tests after each course.

Help and Guidance provided at the earliest time frame possible.

Reasonable Course fees.

Who should enroll in these courses:

A Graduate/ Post Graduate in Statistics or Mathematics.

MBA from any recognized institution.

Non Analytics professional desirous of creating a career in Analytics.

While these courses give the best possible guidance on Analytics, constructive feedback is welcome from any student who enrols as to suggestions which could be incorporated in the course.

The Courses available are –

Logistic Regression using SAS

Logistic Regression using R

Decision Tree using R

Course on Basic Statistics

Advanced Analysis using Excel

R Programming by Example

Cluster Analysis using SAS and R

Basel Norms

SAS Programming from Scratch

Principal Component using SAS and R

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