Learning American History Is Fun with Minecraft Game Online

School-aged children in the US look forward to learning about the nation's founding when the “classroom” is on Celebration Education's Minecraft server.

Mention Minecraft to a youngster, and you have his attention. Tell him hegets to do Minecraft for school, and he’s motivated. This is whatCelebration Education does.

OnCelebration Education’s Minecraft server, a moderator helps studentsrelive American history events. The students get to build a Colonialvillage, meet the Native Americans, build colonial Boston,participate in the Boston Tea Party, ride with Paul Revere, fight inthe Revolutionary War, and sign the Declaration of Independence.Additionally, the moderator leads the students through topic-relatedquiz games, builds, and challenges.

CelebrationEducation’s Minecraft classes are twelve weeks long, with a differenttopic each week, starting with the Mayflower and ending with the Billof Rights. The classes are 45 minutes each week and the students maygo on the server at any time during the week to do their “homework.”

“Childrenlove this.” Said Heather Martinson, founder of CelebrationEducation. “I knew I was doing the right thing when I saw a childliterally jump up and down with excitement when he logged on to ourserver.”

Momslike these activities also. A mom from Alta Dena, CA said, “Ifelt like my guys walked away each week being able to talk a littlebit about something to do with American history that they hadn’tknown before.”

Minecraftis a unique environment with so much possibility, limited only byimagination. From the Minecraft Wiki page it reads, “Minecraft canhave huge educational benefits for children; it can help teachnumerous subjects both with and without adult involvement. Learningin Minecraft can be faster than traditional methods of education, aschildren are often far more motivated, get more practice, and feelthat what they are learning is useful.”

Celebration Education is now preparing to start the next round of Americanhistory events on Minecraft on Tuesday, January 13. Theseevents will run twelve weeks and cost $100. Families wanting moreinformation can visit Celebration Education’s Website at www.CelebrationEducation.com,

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