Learn Spanish Abroad with Personalized Language Immersion Programs in Medellin, Colombia

Learn Spanish Abroad with Personalized Language Immersion Programs in Medellin, Colombia. The new trend in language learning is going abroad. Students are signing up for immersion programs where they can customize group and individual lessons taught by experienced local teachers according to their specific needs.

April 8, 2015 (Medellin, Colombia) – Spanish Lessons Medellin is offering personalized language immersion programs for people who want to learn Spanish abroad in Latin America.

The Spanish Immersion programs are designed for foreigners who are looking for a place to learn to speak the Spanish language fluently in a short amount of time. Foreigners can join the classes at any time and have the option to choose a combination of group or individual lessons taught by experienced local teachers.

Spanish classes in Medellin, Colombia are more affordable than in other countries, and students learn the language much quicker with an immersion program over regular classes. Additionally, the student can tailor the length of the immersion program according to their specific needs.

“A new trend in foreign language education shows that lots of people are signing up for Spanish Immersion programs in Latin America, specifically Colombia to learn Spanish quickly. Foreigners not only learn Spanish here, but also get to know the culture, which is quite different than what they imagined,” says Anthony Rivera, Marketing Director.

The immersion programs are also suitable for students who work in Medellin as they can easily incorporate the Spanish classes into their schedule. Students can organize a combination of morning group courses matched by afternoon personal, cultural and social activities, directed to individual requirements and preferences. Immersion students also have different lodging alternatives, such as host households near the school and/or student residency at hotels and hostels in the area.

For further information about Spanish Immersion Programs, visit the school’s website or call for more information.


About the company Spanish Lessons Medellin has been in business for about five years. The Spanish school provides students with the versatility to personalize programs to satisfy particular requirements. The lessons are taught by local teachers from the area, who have years of experience teaching Spanish.

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