Learn Piano in 30 Days Is Still the Best, Most Natural and Fun Way to Play

Learn Piano in 30 Days asserts that conventional piano lessons are tedious. It offers an alternative for beginners to have fun learning music they like, at their pace. More information is available at http://b85b1qojq9as6l8mo1slitmt02.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PC01

Learn Piano In 30 Days–launched in 2011–continues to live up to its promise to employ intuitive, natural, fun and user-friendly methods to teach beginners to play. This risk-free series (no-obligation 14-day $1 trial offer) still employs continually-updated video tutorials to encourage learners to proceed at home—at their own pace and at their own convenience. It also continues to encourage learners to request customized video tutorials of favorite songs—something other online courses don’t offer.

Unlike traditional piano lessons—which mandate hours and hours of uninteresting technical drills and exercises—Learn Piano in 30 Days (LPin30) continues to do away with the boredom of conventional piano instruction. According to video instructor Kathleen, traditional piano lessons “can be one of the most grindingly boring experiences that you will ever have,” and that many aspiring musicians complain about this “ridiculous grind.” In contrast, Kathleen claims that her learners can “say goodbye to dull practice” with LPin30.

According to one expert, many other online piano courses are either uninteresting, or too involved—and none make the promise of learning as quickly and with the kind of fun and variety which LPin30 promises. LPin30 offers hundreds of step-by-step easy video guides which the learner can replay as often as needed, and which LPin30’s professional staff updates regularly.

Another expert affirms that traditional piano lessons—for some inexplicable reason—still employ centuries-old archaic methods of mastering scales and many other finger exercises—methods which consume tedious, monotonous, and tiresome hours, accomplishing little. That’s because most budding pianists these days don’t want to become classical pianists with sparkling technique—but many traditional piano teachers cling to the outdated mindset that this is the only way to learn to play the piano. This expert suspects that it’s because many traditional piano instructors are out of touch with today’s modern musical styles and techniques—especially the capability to play by ear.

In contrast, LPin30 states that its goal is to help beginners learn to play familiar music quickly and easily, in a positive and continuously-evolving learning environment—without the need for tedious, obsolete and unnecessary drilling. According to Kathleen, LPin30’s methods seem to be the ideal and natural musical learning environment for virtually all beginners. According to Kathleen, “most people want to learn the piano because they want to play their favorite songs” in the most engaging way possible, without the endless tedium of hours of scale drills and repetition.

LPin30 customers enjoy the benefit of accessing all materials online, including an extensive, continually-upgraded library of videos, supplemented by printed materials. Learners progress at their own pace, learning songs they like—and eventually learning play-by-ear techniques, as well as learning to read musical notes.

Further training covers popular musical styles such as jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, country, and so on. Learn Piano in 30 Days provides a lot of interest and variety.

This product presents a practical and innovative environment for beginners to have fun learning piano more efficiently than by traditional music lessons. It avoids boring drills. Customers get to enjoy learning their favorite music quickly and easily, at their own pace and convenience.

Further information about Easy Video Suite–including purchasing information–is available at http://b85b1qojq9as6l8mo1slitmt02.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PC01

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