Leander TX Dermatology Doctors Cure Eczema And Psoriasis in Babies And Children

Collins Advanced Dermatological Institute, based at Leander, TX, announced the launch of new skin specialist procedures for patients suffering from psoriasis and eczema. The treatment is aimed at reducing the symptoms, improving the complexion, and helping patients achieve a healthier, clearer-looking skin.

Dr. Chris D. Collins, Founder and Medical Director of Collins Advanced, announced the release of new cosmetic dermatology procedures for patients with eczema and psoriasis at their dermatology clinic based in Leander, Texas. Parents of children with moderate to severe atopic eczema can find effective remedies in the clinic.

More information is available athttps://collinsadi.com

Collins Advanced Dermatological Institute specializes in providing general, adult, pediatric, medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services. The doctors are renowned for diagnosing and treating diseases that affect the skin, hair and nail. They have extensive expertise in the management and treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

The skin specialists explain that the reatment of the patient with infantile eczema is aimed at relieving pruritus (itching), hydrating and lubricating the skin, relieving inflammation, and preventing infection.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that predominantly affects the skin. When a person has psoriasis, they will develop patches of red, scaly skin on different parts of the body. Psoriasis in children affects 1-2% of British, Europeans and North Americans. Patients can now enjoy various treatment options for pediatric psoriasis at the Leander dermatology clinic. They can experience highly personalized and comprehensive dermatology inTexas.

The treatment procedures at the clinic can help patients control and reduce the aesthetic effect of psoriasis. Patients report that they have found effective remedies that have enabled them to improve redness, cracked skin and flaking.

The clinic also offers acne, rosacea and anti-aging treatments; sun damage and photo facial aesthetic services; laser hair removal; full body skin exams. The dermatologists use the latest medications and advanced technology to diagnose and treat all types of skin diseases

The dermatology clinic welcomes patients Monday through Friday. The clinic is located at 311 S. Hwy 183

Interested parties can book an appointment with an expert dermatologist by visiting the website mentioned above or by calling 512 379 6090.

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