Lean Consulting CEO, Keith Johnson of J&A International names Award Winning Managing Director

J&A International, Inc.'s founder and CEO Keith Johnson has named a new Managing Director for its eastern projects. Walt Dindoffer, president and CEO of Development Solutions, joins the firm as a Lean Manufacturing specialist and an Energy Optimization expert.

Keith Johnson, founder and CEO of J&A International, Inc. has named Walt Dindoffer, president and CEO of Development Solutions, as Eastern Managing Director of J&A’s International’s team of Lean TPM consultants and Lean Six Sigma projects.

J& A International, Inc., headquartered in Seneca, SC, has been active in Lean Six Sigma Consulting in the United States and abroad since 1994, and Keith Johnson has been assembling a world-class team of experienced engineers and analysts to address the Lean manufacturing needs of today’s industries. Keith Johnson is excited to have Walt Dindoffer on his team, especially because of his award winning expertise in the field of energy optimization.

“For over twenty years and for over 65 clients we have successfully integrated people and technology for high performance. Walt is not only an expert at total productive maintenance; he is expert in saving the client money on energy costs. Those awards reflect his and his company’s success, and he brings that now to J&A International’s team,” said Keith Johnson.

Walt Dindoffer accepted 5Awards on behalf of Development Solutions from CONSUMERS ENERGY  of Temperance Michigan on Nov. 4, 2014 at its annual Trade Allay Awards Ceremony.  He was given the following awards.




·        TOP NATURAL GAS SAVER, 2014

·        TOP ELECTRIC SAVER, 2014

Energy Optimization, PA295,under Michigan Law stipulates that each utility provide incentives for customers to save energy.  Development Solutions helps manage incentives for its clients that are available under PA295. Development Solutions has obtained over $3.5 million in incentives for its clients. 

Dindoffer, has been responsible for reducing energy consumption for corporations across North America by over $85 million, which accounts for over 400,000 tons of CO2 reductions. See a review of these savings on the Energy Optimization Success Story page at J&A International, Inc.’s website.

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