Leak Proof Mug Coffee Tea Thermos Vacuum Insulated Flask Launched

One Click Cup, a Cheltenham, United Kingdom professional drinkware retailer, announced a new travel thermos that eliminates leak risks, preserves drink temperature for up to twelve hours, and features an innovative 360-degree lid drinking angle.

One Click Cup, a professional drinkware retailer based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, launched a new leak-proof travel thermos that can be used to store a variety of beverages.

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Travel enthusiasts have always looked for reliable drinkware, since proper hydration is essential, especially for moderate and high-intensity walking sessions. Joggers and bikers also prefer professional and durable drinkware, as traditional backpack-carried bottles can leak, causing a wide range of problems.

The solution is to use a reliable thermos that does not leak when shook or mishandled, while also preserving the temperature of the drink.

One Click Cup launched a professional travel mug that can be used for carrying a variety of beverages, including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and many others.

The thermos was especially designed to eliminate leaks, making it ideal for carrying in a backpack during long travels. Once Click Cup tested more than fifty different types of travel drinkware to find the ideal thermos. The new product combines the benefits of a travel thermos and traditional travel mug, with a design that makes it suitable for a variety of travel situations.

Preserving drink temperature is important for the taste of the beverage. The new travel thermos can preserve hot drinks hot for two hours and warm for four hours, while cold drinks preserve their temperature for more than twelve hours. This allows users to enjoy their favourite drinks for more time, whether they use the thermos for a short hike or a long drive.

For increased convenience and efficiency, the thermos has been designed to be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for driving and biking situations. The innovative 360-degree lid design allows drinking from all angles, reducing chances of spilling.

The lid is suitable for all dishwashers, and all materials are 100% BPA-free.

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