Leak/Flood Detector Installation Service Launched in Cape May NJ Smart Plumbing

Majewski Plumbing in Cape May County, New Jersey launched their new smart technology installation service. The company custom installs Ring Security systems as well as smart plumbing monitoring and shut-off devices.

Majewski Plumbing, a full-service plumbing installation and repair company based in Cape May County, New Jersey, launched a new smart technology installation service.

For more details, visit https://www.majewskiplumbing.com/post/how-installing-smart-devices-in-your-home-can-save-you-money

The newly launched service includes custom installation, calibration, and personal instruction on how to use, operate, maintain, and alter the new systems.

According to the National Flood Service and FEMA, damages to a home even from one inch of water can be anywhere from $10,000 to over $50,000, depending on the size of the home and the value of the contents.

The Ring Home Security System consists of a network of motion-activated HD cameras connected to a smartphone app. Ring can send alerts regarding potential break-ins, plus monitor temperature for sudden drops that can freeze pipes and cause them to burst.

Smart valves are devices capable of starting and stopping the flow of water through an app or voice commands. They help eliminate overcharges by compressing air in the water supply before it reaches the meter, as well as preventing drops in water pressure.

Smart valves also verify the meter runs in normal flow range and that the supply is not overloaded.

The Flo by Moen is installed directly onto fixtures and pipes and watches for any pressure or temperature change in the water. It can then proactively shut off the water if necessary, based on its data and user instructions.

All of these devices can potentially save a homeowner thousands of dollars by averting disasters: break-ins, theft, burst pipes, flooding, water damage, repairs, damaged item replacement, and more.

The Flo, in particular, features proactive maintenance alerts so leaks can be fixed before they happen. It learns the household water usage and can identify leaks anywhere in the house.

All of these systems also can potentially significantly reduce insurance premiums on homeowners’ or renters’ policies.

A satisfied client said: “Super fast service, unlike the other plumbers in this area. And they also installed this Flo device to detect leaks in my pipes. Really cool company.”

Interested parties who would like more details on Majewski Plumbing and their new smart technology installation service can visit https://www.majewskiplumbing.com/post/how-installing-smart-devices-in-your-home-can-save-you-money

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