Leak Detection and Repair by Brisbane Plumbers Is More Important Than Ever

Water leaks can cause property damage, waste water and with the current pricing of water in Brisbane lead to huge utility bills. They can also promote mold growth that can cause health problems.

Water leaks can cause property damage, waste water and with the current pricing of water in Brisbane lead to huge utility bills. They can also promote mold growth that can cause health problems. if a leakage is suspected in the home or business, The best move is to have it detected and repaired by a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Water leak detection is the first step to preventing the potential damages of water leakage to a property. Regular water leak detection helps detect and fix small leaks on time before they escalate into a disastrous water intrusion incident.

Timely leak detection and repair can help in:

Conserving water,

Reducing unreasonably high utility bills

Prevent health risk from mildew/mold

Preventing structural and other damages to property

Protecting appliances, furniture, and carpet from water damages

Protect property and Health from the damaging consequences of water leaks by calling Coorparoo Plumbing for water leak detection and repair. Coopraroo Plumbing understand that water leaks can happen at any time, and the risk of potential damages increases with time. they are available to offer you these essential services 24/7. You can call any time of the day when you suspect water or drain line leakage.

Coorparoo Plumbing Water Leak Detection Service

Water and drain lines are mainly installed underground, within walls, or on the ceiling, making most water leaks hard to detect. Specialists with access to the right tools to detect hidden water leaks in your property.

Here are some of the common signs of a leaking water pipe in a property:

Skyrocketing Water Bills

If unexplained high water bills are becomming common, there might be a leakage in your water line. You need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible else it will continue to sap your bank account and may end up damaging your property.

Stained or damaged walls, floors, and ceilings

A watermark on a wall and a slightly dingy-looking spot on a white ceiling can be signs of a water leakage. Water leakage hidden inside walls, floors, or ceilings often start as a barely noticeable stain, but if not fixed on time, they end up causing significant damages.

If the ceiling is wet and sagging, the walls are leaving imprints when leaned on, or when the floor sinks when you step on your floorboard, call a Plumber immediately.

Mold and mildew

Molds outside the tub area in the house can be signs of a pipe leakage. Mold on the ceiling or kitchen and bathroom floors are signs that your water or drain pipes are leaking.

Sometimes its possible to smell mold and mildew before seeing them. A musty smell in some rooms is a sign of molds and mildew under the floor or in the ceilings.

Foundation cracks

An unexplained crack that is continuously widening can be a sign of water leakage. Get a plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible. If left untreated, the foundation will slowly start to sink, and the floors, walls, doors, and windows will soon get torn apart.

Wet spots

Puddles and mud around the outer walls in summer or when it isn’t raining are signs of pipe leakage inside the walls. another sign to get a plumber to detect and fix the issue as soon as possible to reduce the risk of other damages to the property.

Running meter

When no appliance or toilet is running, the meter should stop. If the meter is ticking when there is no appliance using water, and all the taps are off, that is a sign of leakage.

To reduce the cost of potential damages and save on utility bills, call Plumbing Coorparoo when you suspect a water leak. We have experts that will detect and fix the leakage as fast as possible.

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