League City Dental Implant Specialists Can Now Meet The Tooth Implant Pros

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A soup-to-nuts breakdown of Traffic Gen Solutions' Implant Case Generation System designed for dental implant specialists of League City, Texas.

The Tooth Implant Pros is part of a marketing system, Traffic Gen Solutions calls a patient generation system. Dentists, like many other health practices across the country, have troubles maintaining a regular flow of implant cases. Most health professionals are reluctant to engage in marketing. They see it as a necessary evil. This was something Traffic Gen Solutions was able to take advantage of.

Most dental practice owners have an online presence. They can be found on the major social media platforms, as well as review site platforms, like Yelp, and Google My Business, for example. Outside of their website, they spend very little in terms of generating interest in their services using the internet. Traffic Gen Solutions understood they needed a product that could speak directly to their target market.

In this case, we’re talking specifically about dental implants, but this approach works for most health professionals in any field. If there is a service a certain segment of the population is interested in, then that service has true value. In situations like that, it is important a marketing system be developed to take advantage of that kind of opportunity.

Traffic Gen Solutions was able to develop an entire marketing strategy focused on producing dental implant prospects for their implant specialist customers. Again, the strategies, and tactics, Traffic Gen Solutions uses to produce their results can be used in most health professional fields. The difference is in the target market.

For dental implants, Traffic Gen Solutions helped develop the Tooth Implant Pros brand. The brand is tied into a strategy they call the “Implant Case Generation System.” The system utilizes both organic traffic, as well as traffic produced by Google Ads. Google Ads are used, initially, to start generating additional revenue for the customer. After the campaign is set up, and is consistently delivering leads, the team begins building web properties developed to rank organically.


In about 90-120 days, the organic network starts producing leads as well. Eventually the organic network will begin to outperform the Google Ads leads. At that point, the customer has the option of cutting off one source to only focus on the organic, keeping both, or increasing the Google Ads spend to match what the organic is bringing in.

How the system is used is entirely up to the customer. They can opt to use the system the way it was designed, or they can choose pieces. There are some customers that drive implant case-related calls using the Google Ads part of the system. Others go the organic route. No answer is right according to Traffic Gen Solutions, it’s all about what’s right for the customer.

Realize this is only being done for implants. The team at Traffic Gen Solutions can expand on the services being offered through their organic network, and are able to include additional services as well. Traffic Gen Solutions prides itself on providing services, and options for services, that are designed to feel a la cart.

Marketing Director Marcus Roman, points to the evergreen nature of the problem dental implants solve. He believes because people are always going to need to replace missing teeth, it is the team’s duty to position itself as the only real option in a sea of sameness. He explains that Traffic Gen Solutions is different from other marketing agencies in the space. According to Marcus, Traffic Gen Solutions is a web traffic services provider – nothing more, nothing less.

He states the company is adamant about avoiding customization of any of their services, at all costs. Apparently customization leads to slower deliverables, and less focus on obtaining more new business. Traffic Gen Solutions isn’t interested in meteoric growth. Marcus claims they are in it for the long haul. They understand that planting seeds today is going to produce good fruit in the not-so-far-away future.

With implants becoming more cost-effective to produce, the price of an actual dental implant has decreased over time as well. This news means more people were added to the overall target market. In time, implants will be affordable for all of the working-class. It is for this reason, and the fact that missing teeth can be handled immediately, that Traffic Gen Solutions has implants at the top of their list when marketing to dental practices.

The implant specialists of League City are going to have their chance to decide if working with the team at Traffic Gen Solutions makes sense for their practice. Be that as it may, it looks like whoever decides to work with them, will have their hands full with implant case work.

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