Leafy Podcast Episode 20: Start, Buy, and Sell A Business Right David C. Barnett

Leafy Legal Services announced the latest podcast with David C. Barnett entitled Episode 20: Start a Business, Buy a Business, and Sell a Business. It's available for listen at: https://leafylegal.podbean.com/e/episode-20-start-a-business-buy-a-business-and-sell-a-business-with-david-c-barnett/

For Leafy Legal Services Podcast fans looking to listen to the latest Leafy Podcast episodes with David C. Barnett, the wait is over. Leafy Legal Services has announced that Episode 20: Start a Business, Buy a Business, and Sell a Business with David C. Barnett is available now to listen to on all your favorite podcast websites! To listen to how to sell, start, and buy a business correctly and hear the words of wisdom from author, speaker, and private transaction advisor David Barnett, click the link here: https://leafylegal.podbean.com/e/episode-20-start-a-business-buy-a-business-and-sell-a-business-with-david-c-barnett/.

When speaking with David, the Leafy Podcast team got advice that is applicable to the real world and makes sense to new real estate investors and ones that have been doing it for a while.

“you realize wow, when I get into the real world, I’ll never get into a business that’s opening branch plans all of the world, it will be in a much smaller business and I wondered is this stuff really applicable to me?” Said David Barnett, “it’s hard not to have an abundance mindset if you just realize how much opportunity exists out there.”

Leafy Legal Services is an asset protection company that specializes in self-directed IRAs, solo 401Ks, anonymous land trusts, and more… all while growing your wealth strategically. The Leafy Podcast team is always looking for new guests to bring onto their podcast and appreciate all those that they have spoken to on their platform.

The Leafy Podcast team and their guests are excited to share their knowledge with all those who want to listen and encourage everyone to brows through their extensive informational podcast library.

If you are a real estate investor or entrepreneur and want to protect your assets, click the link to their website here: https://www.leafyassets.com/ and schedule a consultation session. It’s always better to protect your assets rather than leaving yourself vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances.

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