Leafy Legal Services Is Introducing A New Series LLC Service

Leafy Legal Services provides Series LLC and other asset protection services to entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Further information can be found at https://www.leafylegalservices.com.

Leafy Legal Services is an up-and-coming asset protection company that offers a variety of services. Not only do they provide wealth building strategies, Solo 401K services, but they also boast about the importance of a Series LLC and how they can help entrepreneurs and real estate investors. They believe that a Series LLC is one of many strategies that can assist you in case of a lawsuit. They want their clients and potential clients to know the importance of asset protection and what they can do to help.

The 3 items include nuggets such as how:

1. Leafy Legal Services was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. This means that they know what it takes to “make it” in specific niches of the business world and what works best in providing protection.

2. Did you know that real estate investors have a 95% chance of getting sued in the next 20 years? It’s true! This puts more urgency on the matter of getting the process of a Series LLC started and completed.

3. A Series LLC protects your assets, and Leafy Legal Services gives you peace of mind. With a Series LLC, the likelihood chance of losing all your assets in a potential lawsuit is little to none. It ensures that what is yours, stays yours and Leafy Legal Services supports and educated you along the way.

“Our ultimate business goal is to provide support to real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Most of the time, we go about our lives gaining assets and achieving what we want. Little do we know, one lawsuit could take all of our hard work away from us. Leafy Legal Services is here to ensure that what’s yours, stays yours.”

Leafy Legal Services got it’s start when the Founders, Brian Price and Jennifer Gilgoric noticed a growing need for peace of mind that entrepreneurs and real estate investors deserve. With loads of prior experience in the business world, Brian Price and Jennifer Gilgoric decided to go ahead and officially launch Leafy Legal Services in early August of 2019.

Leafy Legal Services like to do things to connect with their consumers and customers. Providing free educational content like their podcast, their Leafy blog, and so much more helps give basic information to those who are just starting out, and more complex information to those that need help along the way. Leafy Legal Services wants people to stay educated and they care about the overall wealth of our clients.

This is why they believe so strongly in creating a Series LLC and the numerous benefits it can provide.

Leafy Legal Services’s Series LLC services and much more is available to all interested parties, now. To find out more about Leafy Legal Services and their services, visit https://www.leafylegalservices.com

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