Leaf – World’s First Transparent Mask With UV-C That Shows-Off Your Smile

It’s the beginning of an Era. Where we need to choose not just what we eat, but what we breathe! A mask that doesn’t get between You and Life. Complete TRANSPARENCY meets absolute FUNCTIONALITY.

It’s the Beginning of an Era.

Where we need to choose not just what we eat, but what we breathe!

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In the current situation where we all must consider the COVID-19 virus and its effects on society; we are wearing face masks like any other accessory that we carry with us when we step out of our homes. While we usually try to leave no stone unturned to emphasize our personalities and physical features, the typical fabric or paper face masks end up concealing our identities. We’re losing the personal connections we have with people when we don’t understand the intentions and cannot see the facial expressions of others.

Stepping into bridge this gap is the LEAF Mask, which is the world’s first FDA-registered, a clear mask to have N99-standard air filtering abilities as well as a self-purifying feature, thanks to a built-in UV-C light. The LEAF wants you to be able to reconnect with your loved ones by staying safe behind the LEAF Transparent Face Mask. In short, you stay safe and you keep others safe, while still understanding their expressions. It enables us to be as close to “normal” as we can be right now.

The LEAF’s most defining feature has to be its transparent construction. The unibody mask is embodied in transparent, medical-grade silicone that provides a universal fit, making sure your face isn’t visually obscured by an otherwise opaque mask. In order to achieve this feat, the Leaf transparent mask has filters located around the chin, keeping your nose, mouth, and cheeks visible to the people around you. This inherently makes the mask friendlier, allowing others to see your identity and read your lips or facial expressions as you talk to them.

The silicone mask has an antifogging feature, so your mask doesn’t become cloudy on the inside with each breath you take. In theory, that means it could also potentially allow your smartphone’s facial-unlock feature to work without needing to take your mask off! As you breathe, air passes through the filters, working much like a normal mask would by giving you 99% pure air.

The LEAF is the world’s first transparent mask to have high-quality N99+ HEPAHEPA-Carbon filters fitted into the chin section. Another outstanding feature is the self-purifying function, possibly due to small built-in UV-C light. LEAF comes in 3 variants: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV, and Leaf PRO.

LEAF HEPA has the N99+ HEPA filtration & is Ultra lightweight. LEAF UV contains UV-C sterilization built into the filter housing destroying pathogens at the DNA level and Active-Carbon filtration to eliminate odors and organic substances. LEAF PRO adds active ventilation and air quality sensing. It has iOS/Android app-controlled ventilation as well as an air-quality sensor that gives you details about the quality of the air around you. Deploying all of this cutting-edge tech allows the LEAF PRO to deliver a paramount safe breathing experience.

The LEAF mask comes in 4 different sizes sure to fit children as well as adults. With its transparent build, the LEAF mask challenges the status quo of opaque fabric and plastic masks. With disposable masks becoming an impending threat to nature, LEAF has the solution the world needs. A reusable, high-quality mask with long-lasting filters will help you do your part to protect our environment. Active sterilization makes the filters last for up to a month. The shift to transparent masks, if pulled off successfully, could have some lasting impacts on our society, allowing us to socialize effectively and strengthen bonds with our fellow humans, even from a safe distance!

Redcliffe Medical is proud to be behind the breakthrough LEAF mask technology. As we work to provide this technology at an economical price we are committed to making it accessible to those who can’t afford it.

Leaf is the mask of 2020. It’s the world’s first fully transparent mask that protects you from dust, pollution, microbes and everything else that should not be in the air you breathe. It is enhanced with optional self UV-sanitization and Active Ventilation.

Read more here: https://www.backerstoday.com/leaf

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