Leading Marketing Firm Regalix Interviews SEO Expert Sam Adodra

Sam Adodra, an Amazon bestselling author and thought leader in the SEO industry, has been interviewed by digital marketing firm, Regalix. In the interview, Mr Adodra provides best practice SEO tips for website owners.

Leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry pioneer and author of SEO Expert Strategies, Sam Adodra, has been interviewed by the digital marketing firm, Regalix. In the interview, Mr. Adodra discusses top SEO tips that any website owner can put into practice.

Mr. Adodra explains, “I see a lot of confusion in SEO right now because of the recent algorithm updates from Google. While some things have stayed constant, the changes in SEO are so fast moving that if you’re not on the cutting edge your best practices will be out of date within six months.”

He further added, “When you’re performing keyword research, don’t just rely on tools like the Google Keyword Planner. Apply some common sense as well. Put yourself in the mind of a potential prospect.

What type of questions or long tail keywords would he or she be typing into the search bar? Ask colleagues, family and friends for ideas. Sometimes we’re too close to our subject matter as experts to recognize what a lay person would enter in their search query”

Mr. Adodra believes it is even more vital than before for the successful online presence of an organization that it moves its brand into a top ranking position in Google search.

He advises website owners to spend a modest amount on a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign first, before launching a full-scale SEO campaign; this gives them an idea of which keywords will capture their target market and convert cold traffic into warm traffic.

Ultimately the success of a website is measured by ROI (Return On Investment). He classifies an SEO campaign as successful if the website reaches a page one ranking on Google and the business owner sees a return on investment within six months of launching the campaign.

Mr Adodra believes strongly in White Hat SEO. He suggests that website owners focus on the following to ensure a winning SEO strategy:

1. Publishing regular and engaging content.

2. Building their social media status.

3. Keep an eye on their backlink profile.

For more information on Sam Adodra, visit his website at ImageShield or read his blog at http://seoservicelondon.org

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