Leading Logistics Firm Provides Tools To Help Businesses Expand Into New Markets

Businesses are finding how to reach new markets, increase sales and profits, gain greater stability and create new opportunities fast. GEM Worldwide’s expert white papers and resources including their leading Profit Plus service helps businesses find and capitalise on new opportunities.

New resources launched by GEM Worldwide Limited are helping businesses and organisations expand into new markets and deliver an outstanding service.

GEM Worldwide are located in Colnbrook Berkshire, near Heathrow, and have developed free resources designed to help enterprises expand and meet their international growth objectives faster and with greater profit.

Exporting can provide access to significant advantages for an enterprise, however without the right strategy, systems and processes, exporting can be a high risk venture. GEM Worldwide have published two expert White Papers written by Co Founders Mike Drewe and Zora Smoker. The papers provide key information and considerations, as well as providing access to a range of resources designed to put businesses on the fast track to reaching their objectives. The following White Papers have been published:

Business White Paper: The Export Advantage – Reaching The Next Level – Mike Drewe

Organisations White Paper: The Excellence Advantage – Delivering An Outstanding Service – Zora Smoker

The White Papers can be be downloaded at:


The company also provides a leading service called Profit Plus which helps enterprises find and capitalise on new profitable opportunities. GEM Worldwide carry out a fully customised opportunity search for the latest relevant export trade opportunities – this can allow businesses to win new orders and build market entry routes fast. This service is provided as part of a consultation which is available free of charge to potential customers exploring GEM Worldwide’s range of services.

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GEM Worldwide was co founded by Mike Drewe and Zora Smoker. Mike Drewe, Co Founder and Managing Director said “Over the past 11 years we have set out to become one of the best logistics companies in the world. We’ve achieved this by sharing our customers’ goals and pressures, exceeding expectations, and working to create custom solutions that create advantages and get real results for our customers”.

The company work with all sectors and industries including advertising, retail, manufacturing, ecommerce, education and organisations. The company are experts at international shipping, logistics and fulfillment. Services provided include worldwide: courier services, export services, import services, national services, door to door airfreight, returns services, economy services, GEMPost, International & National postal services, GEMSameday services, ShipNow service for flexible shipping, pick pack ship and fulfillment services, Best UK – Singapore services.

GEM Worldwide provides shipping services that cover over 200 countries and islands.

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