Leading Couples Therapist Launches Online Resource for Las Vegas Couples

Las Vegas marriage therapist Alexa Elkington has launched an all-new website with helpful tips, resources and a 5-minute quiz to help couples determine if their relationships are in trouble.

Marriage and family therapist Alexa Elkington says that when couples come to her for help, it’s almost always because one of them woke up that day and said, “I can’t go on like this. Something HAS to change.”

Earlier this month, Elkington launched a new website packed with information and resources for Las Vegas area couples who are worried about the future of their partnerships.

The fully redesigned site is filled with tips, insights and a 5-minute quiz that helps couples determine if their relationship is in trouble – and how to find immediate help for their specific concerns.

“In my experience, when two people live together as partners, conflict is inevitable,” Elkington says. “However, fighting is a choice. There’s a big difference between the daily struggles we all experience and the war that often breaks out between us.”

Elkington is an expert on the inner workings of marriage and relationships. Over the past 21 years, she has treated hundreds of couples in the Las Vegas area. Her new website is the latest resource she has launched with the needs of local couples in mind.

Elkington’s practice welcomes traditional and non-traditional couples, including those that are married, living together or dating, with or without children in the picture.

In addition to therapy for straight and same-sex couples, Elkington specializes in polyamory, helping couples navigate the complexities of a lifestyle that includes other love partners beyond the primary relationship.

“What I’ve learned from treating the full spectrum of couples is that all of us feel frustrated, angry and vulnerable at some point,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or what the outside world sees. You may look like the happiest couple in the world, but in your own hearts, you may be crying out for help.”

Many couples resist marriage counseling because they’re fearful that it’s the beginning of the end, Elkington says. But nothing could be further from the truth, she emphasizes.

“Marriage and couples therapy can be the start of a whole new chapter in your lives together. You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but before long, you’ll begin to see progress – which is very motivating.”

Elkington’s offices are located at 8440 West Lake Mead Blvd., Ste 206 in Las Vegas. Day and evening appointments are available. Couples who want to learn more can visit Elkington’s new website, www.couplecounseling.com, or dial 702. 228.0980.

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