Leading Aviation Insurance Highlights The Necessity Of CFI Insurance

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Top Aviation Insurance Broker Breaks Down The Benefits and Necessity Of CFI Insurance For New Flight Instructors

Corona, CA Release January 25th, 2021.

As a Certified Flight Instructor, one has the power to declare that a student is ready to take to the skies on their first solo flight. BWI owner Matt White highlights the magnitude and liability of that decision.

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It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility. Granted, that is often spoken of in terms of superpowers and the power of flight is routinely enumerated among them. In case of Certified Flight Instructors, they too have the ability to grant the power of flight to their fellow human. It is a CFI that signs off that a flight student is trained and ready to take to the skies on their first solo sortie.

BWI Aviation Insurance owner Matt White pleads with the newest CFIs to understand and appreciate both that power and that responsibility in his latest writing to his clients. White points out that underwriters who create aviation insurance solutions are always looking at calculated risk. It’s never guaranteed that the client who procures insurance today won’t have a million dollar claim tomorrow.

“CFIs are taking a calculated risk every single time they send a new student out on their first solo flight,” said White. Though the CFI has likely delivered the proper training and protocols, there are simply no guarantees in the skies above. “Murphy’s Law is alive and well in the skies above America and lawyers looking to make a buck off litigation are waiting for them on the ground” added White.

CFI insurance provides for the legal fees and cost of litigation which can quickly jump into six figure territory depending on the case. With CFI insurance, White points out that the CFI does not have to surrender their own livelihoods in the case a student makes a critical error while on their first solo flight. “CFI insurance is so affordable, it will pay for itself before the first billed hour to any lawyer hits the books,” said White. He pointed out that the benefits of CFI insurance extend far beyond just litigation. CFI non-owned aircraft insurance will also cover the cost of any damage to aircraft not owned by the CFI as it is common for a CFI to train pilots in other aircraft.

White encourages CFIs or those looking to obtain their CFI to talk with a trusted and respected broker in the industry. He points out that many pilots can add this coverage in as little as 5 minutes and given what all it covers, it’s the smart move for anyone looking to train and certify other pilots. It is indeed true that with great power comes great responsibility, but great liability does not have to be a part of that moral compact.

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