Leading Aviation Insurance Broker Breaks Down Insured Aircraft Policies

Top Aviation Insurance Broker Helps Break Down the Realities of Insured Aircraft Policies for New Entrants to the Aviation Industry

Corona, CA Release September 11th, 2020. Partly due to health concerns deriving from the COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industry is witnessing higher interest and demand for innovative private and commercial applications. BWI Aviation Insurance has set out to help new entrants understand the realities of insured aircraft policies. For Immediate Release

As the world continues to adapt to life with COVID-19, more and more individuals and organizations are turning to the aviation industry to help meet the demands of a new normal. This includes health conscious individuals and families seeking a safe way to travel than wading through a crowded airport. As such, more pilots are shifting gears towards private aviation to meet this new demand.

The rise in demand for new approaches to private and commercial aviation is causing a surge of interest and new entrants seeking to enter the playing field. Waiting for them is a complex world of aviation insurance that many find difficult to navigate. With over 40-years in the aviation insurance industry, leading broker BWI Aviation Insurance offers to break down the insurance basics {insert article link here} and welcome these new participants to the skies above.

BWI Owner Matt White stated that “most new pilots are a little overwhelmed by the complexities of the modern aviation insurance market.” He went on to indicate that while they know flying comes with great responsibility and great liability, they are unsure if they are properly covered. “Most everything you need to know about aviation insurance boils down to liability and hull insurance,” stated White.

While there are many exclusions and variants to insured aircraft policies, he indicated that if you can ensure that others are covered for your possible actions and that your aircraft is covered sufficiently enough that you do not incur great financial loss, the proper policy can cover most incidents. He encourages every new pilot to find a broker with the proper experience to walk them through their options.

“It’s the broker’s job to know every possible aspect of the coverage,” said White. With the pillar of all aviation insurance policies consisting of liability and hull insurance, he encourages pilots to understand these two basics so that they can ask the proper questions of their broker. Currently, there are only around 12 insurance companies writing aviation insurance policies in the United States. Brokers like BWI continue to help new pilots break into the aviation industry and find the proper combination of coverage among those 12 companies. As the aviation industry continues to adapt, it is almost a certainty that the aviation insurance industry will have to adapt alongside it.

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