Lead Management Multi-Channel Prospect Engagement AI Phone Call Service Launched

A new AI-powered lead management service has been launched by EasyDialingAgency. They connect clients to site visitors to increase conversion and drive more sales.

A new lead generation and contact engagement tool has been launched by EasyDialingAgency. The click-to-call technology lets clients build on high-value engagements and creates a unique experience for prospects and customers.

More information can be found at: https://easydialing.com

With the new service, website visitors can click the call widget – or the artificial intelligence prompts the widget to open at the ideal time.

Clients can improve lead generation efficiency by getting prospects on the phone with their sales team while they’re still live on the website. The cutting-edge widget allows businesses to stop chasing leads and start closing deals immediately.

By turning website visits into phone calls, the new technology streamlines the lead generation process. Clients can instantly convert website visitors into leads and then customers.

EasyDialingAgency allows businesses in any niche to communicate with their site visitors using multi-channel engagement software. The call-management solution dramatically increases sales by improving conversion rates and customer experience.

The latest research shows that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Despite this, it takes an average of eight cold-call attempts to reach a prospect.

However, it’s important to optimize call functionality because up to 50% of all sales go to the vendor that responds first. This means that for business owners, it’s imperative they can drive sales through active lead engagement.

This is where EasyDialingAgency can help with its AI-powered service. Their widget enables visitors to click the icon, while a mobile-friendly pop up prompts visitors to enter their phone number.

For visitors who choose to be called, the software platform calls the business and connects them to the prospect. This enables a 14-second call back solution that instantly connects customers and encourages more sales.

The team states: “Give your future customers a quick and easy way to get on the phone with you. We simply place an eye-catching call button on your website to connect immediately. Visitors can click the Call Button and enter their phone number to receive a call within seconds or schedule a call for later.”

Two-way text messaging is also available for those prospects who choose to be contacted via text. Clients get access to a powerful dashboard to send, receive, and manage conversations online or on the go.

Full details of the lead management service can be found on the URL above.

Release ID: 88964706